Toastmaster Welcomes...

To my dearest peers & fellow loving alumnis:

To all you "tossers" who I have somehow trampled on, embarassed, humiliated, insulted & just plain lowered your self-esteem;  I would just like to say that if I have indeed hurt you or caused any emotional offense to you over this past year; then "Piss Off" since it was almost certainly YOUR FAULT and I really truly hope you've learned something from that given experience.

I love you all,
ToastMaster Mendez, 2/3/98
Our website family album grows as we add more of our photos & our happy family faces to our homepage. Send your photos to Gene Arao......those who do not send photos by X-Mas will receive a public letter from your friendly Toastmaster about your sexual habits & hygiene during GH.

Even the bachelors are sending pictures of their children...... Ipadala na!!!!

Toastmaster, 11/14/97

Ces Atienza (11/22/2001)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us all welcome.....

Ces Atienza ( <thundering applause in the background>

also known as Kuya Caesar...

and, the Asean guitar man!

Ces is currently a senior advisor in the Asian Development Bank, when he's not trying to organize IT education through a foundation he organized in Cebu. Yes, he's actually based in Cebu, but tries to prove that flying every week to Manila is still a safe thing to do. [...] Ces was with the Asean secretariat in Jakarta for many years, and was also connected with the EAGA-BIMP (East Asia Growth [something that starts with "A"] Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines) based in Brunei. He was also based in Tokyo for three years as part of another Asean stint. He has his own company called CNA Insulting, er.. Consulting. He's married to Gina Garcia of Cebu and has two kids, one of whom plays the guitar better than he does (of course!)

Ces, welcome to

ToastMaster Chanco

Mariano Santos,  Russell Sobrepena, Andrew Co, Tony Lim, Peewee Aragon, Gene Rodriguez (2/2/2000)

Regret that we have been delayed in formally welcoming some new additions to our LSGH71 forum, however before we dig up historical dirt to  destroy their integrity, we would like to inform them of the following sites which they should visit: - our official website overseen by webmaster Arao. It has a directory and the old grad photos and the updated photos of some of us who have nothing to hide. It needs a bit of updating but Gene has been quite busy with his new job..... but its still good value. - our group mailing list where your names have already been entered and unable to unsubscribe so we will never leave until death. It also serves as the most updated master lsgh71 email directory.

The forum welcomes:

1. Mariano Santos - based on your grad photo in the website directory, ganoon pa ba ang patilya mo?

2. Russel Sobrepena - Mr. UE we have an old list of your disgruntled peers(names witheld) who have complained about the quality of jokes  that were provided during our youth.

3. Andrew Co - the first recorded sinoy that was kidnapped and returned "gratis" to the owner.

4. Tony Lim - your grad photo will always be remembered as the youngest 27 year old in highschool.

5. PeeWee Aragon - Edgar Mortiz ng GH, known to be the lost brother of Jojo Singson of the Laygo family

6. Gene Rodriguez - quiet, studious, hard-working, nice, generous, harmless, introvert....boring.

As a token of our appreciation of your discovery, we have shared your email address with Chito Cusi who will get in touch with you directly. We also welcome back Nani Ramirez who still resides in SFO but works in Nevada and shares an email address with Agregado.....

We are fast approaching 2001, ano ba ang plano since it will be our 30th year. Uuwi ba kami or what? Who will organize...Dinan????

ToastMaster Mendez

Rene Santos (1/29/2000)

Dr. Rene Santos:

Welcome at Mabuhay ka Dr. (is that complimenting enough for you?).  Do send your personal information to the Webmaster Gene Arao, who will then include your info update when he gets the time. At this moment , he is a bit busy with Y3K....... Just click on the webmaster line at the website.

In case you have a jpg photo of yourself and the family, eh padala mo na rin since many of us have alzheimers as a result of adolescent masturbation or drug-use (more of both...maybe). Normally we give you a welcome but we need to place your face first since maraming Atenista na would give their menopausal virginity just to join this august body.

Right now, your welcome will be included with the pending batch of Andrew Co and Peewee Aragon .....still interested?

Noted that you are an MD and a cyclist at heart. We have some MD's in the batch such as Tuazon, Gutierrez and assorted pharmacists & spiritual healers.......Is it true then that serious cycling can cause impotence given the pinching of the nerve that is placed at the "grundel" (for those who are not aware what this word is, according to my teenagers, this is the area between your yagbadoodles and your "cheerio....."). I also have a chuckload of questions about Italian alloy bicycles that I am unable to afford but then talk to you the way, it will help to have an AIDS expert in the group since there are many misconceptions about it.


Chito Marasigan (11/10/99)


Your email address was provided by your distant cousin Aristeo "Dodi" Marasigan who hails from Sydney. At the same time he also provided us with that great pic peek photo "lesson .jpg" that came from you and which our peers may only receive, upon request. Dodi mentioned that your taste for "peek" photos was genetically linked to his habit of looking at that young girl's bedroom next door.

This email is to make you a part of the 1971 forum which exists and has been judged as having some added-value. You may want to visit the following or para naman mayroon ka ma-tweakan.. I normally try to welcome all newcomers but since I am quite busy then I only have the following to say:

Suot-suot mo pa ba yoong polo mo sa graduation photo?

Para ka si Engelbert!!!!

You will be able to get some of the email addresses of the batch from the above sites, particularly yoon may utang sa iyo. Sorry if this is a bit short but really, the guys can't read english in a lengthier text than this. Kailangan daw ng litrato .....


ToastMaster Mendez

Poncy Quirino (11/10/99)


Well its about time we get a celebrity in our group given that this forum is composed of nothing but CEO's, FSC brothers, Govt and UN bureaucrats, middlemen, sales experts, traders, bankers, counsellors and adulterers. Boring individuals who would rather focus on money, golf or power as time and mortality passes by. Now that you have joined the forum, we can now discuss sensitive issues which we have always wanted to bring out such as:

1. Unang tanong: "Bakla ka ba?" with the number of young & virile females who are in involved in your vocation, don't you ever get the urge just to feel their sinews particularly during a tango? Is it possible to get private tutorials from your young & talented staff?

2. Tanong mula sa taga-WestCoast: "Is your show syndicated to the Pinoy channel for the US?" I have confirmed queries fom Calderon, Arao and Dicky Cardenas that they would like to swing instead of playing with themselves. Basta lang daw touchy-feely.

3. "Paano maging guest sa show mo?" This comes from Niok Karaan who is now with the WWF choir.

4. "Is that your real hair?" From an anonymous source known only to Joy Warren.

There are more queries but unintelligible ones, so welcome home. On the website you will see a Directory which asks for photos thus I assume you have many to give away & send to Gene Arao(Webmaster). do send him an updated one and you can send me some with your female instructors.



Robbie Paterno (10/28/99)

Robbie (or is it Bob???)

Normally we give new peers a warm welcome which we post in Toastmaster page; normally we try to remember what was most unusual about him (if not her); normally we ask peers about what they remember & collective feedback as follows:

"Robbie was a GH Ranger like us.......... medyo Tonto"

"I can't recall hanging out with him in High School which was not unusual given the drugs and all ...mayroon ba tayo diyan?"

"I remember his birthday parties at his parents' house at Horseshoe Village in Quezon City during our elementary days.... lagi walang salawal maskit may-bisita."

"He always struck me as a nice and quiet guy then. ... yung drugs kasi."

"He had this funny light hair tone, parang tisoy na taga-promdi since his conio was kunyo....."

"Robbie Paterno?....naninilip iyon pero ako ang sinilipan"

"Paterno, Paterno... hindi nang-iimbita sa Gr. 4 party niya!"


So far malaki ang impact na iniwanan mo sa GH.....Welcome back na lang manong

Dodie Marasigan (9/29/99)

The Paternal Order of LSGH 1971

Brothers & Sisters:

It has been brought to our attention by one Monching Lopez that he has located batchmate "Dodie" Marasigan (aristeo Dodie is living well in Sydney, & is available to host any of you who travel there. I was informed that he has a house, which basically means he has a kitchen with food and vehicle to be loaned out to visiting friends.

Such a find means that we finally have a representative from Aussieland thus our network now extends to Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia & Saudi Arabia; besides the Philippine province of the US. None of us are yet managing "entertainers" in Tokyo.

For those who are trying to remember Dodie’s face, please frustrate yourselves, as he is not in the Scope Directory. He is not Benito. He feels quite sad about this oversight thus please remind him frequently.

Limited notes on Marasigan:

That’s all we have. Dodie, huwag ka na magtampo on being omitted from the LSGH list – Gene will make sure you get in there right after Tony Manzano. Many were looking for you & mentioned your name, feel better?

Welcome. [Please register under]

Miss (Chona) Casibang (9/9/99)

Between the time you first read "Hoppy, the Playful Bunny" in Prep under Bro. Alphonse and "Happy, the Playboy Bunny" in your geriatric years at some Home-of-the-Aged… you can't help but thank St. John Baptist de la Salle that somewhere - somehow --- during all of those literary years you had the pleasure of at least knowing and seeing in person the Literature goddess, Chona Casibang! If you can remember, ha!

It took awhile to prepare this Welcome for "Miss Casibang." We will offer no apologies. You see, this delay was designed by Ms. Casibang. Until now, no one knew that she has the phantasmagoric power to cause amnesia. We reached this conclusion after analyzing the results of an independent
investigation involving a large sample of LSGH71. The survey asked, "What do you remember about Ms. Casibang?" The results were shocking! Almost all members of the sample (ranging from age 43-46) were suffering from some strain of Alzheimer's. But everyone exerted every effort to breakthrough and excrete some memory from their seemingly failing minds. Some examples:

"I'm sincerely not sure…I know she had nice legs and a great body."
- Vincho Hipolito

"At the moment, all I remember…she was fast in climbing the stairs!"
- Resty Baltazar

"Dehins ko naging teacher si Ms. Casibang…I had the likes of Sluggo Visda, El Tigre Perez..."
- Mayong Benares

"I can no longer remember…only that she was the class heartthrob - tall, slim, attractive, sexy."
- Gerry Ablaza

"I don't recall being under her."
- Mingo Gotauco

" was so long ago that I don't even remember…what she taught."
- Bobby Mabanta

"One thing I remembered is her mini-skirts. Kinukumpitensiya niya ako."
- Tiririt de la Fuente

" I can't remember much…she is slim, tall, medyo tisay, makinis..CRUSH NG BAYAN"
- Alberto Gepilano

Strangely enough, only three people recall her vividly. And by some strange reason they all go by the name, Ricky. Each one wrote:

"I don't know who was luckier: those who had her as teacher or those who didn't. IT WAS TORTURE having your hormones raging as a thirteen year old and having Miss Casibang as your teacher."
- Rickie Camara

" Miss Casibang was my teacher…it was pleasant to be in her class; 'maganda ang tanawin'…"
- Ricky Fernandez

"Aaah, Miss Casibang. The name alone rekindles fond memories of those adolescent years."
- Ricky Estrada

Another investigation will be conducted on this matter as soon as Attorney Uday Naik assumes his role as independent counsel. Reliable sources say that Miss Casibang's "barkada", viz.: Miss Grace Flores, Miss Angie Magbanua, Miss Carmelita Quebengco and Mommie Pilapil will be legally summoned to


Mayong Benares (8/30/99)

(To be read with the diction & suave of a recently elected congressman…….)

Mabuhay ang Ilonggo!!!!!

It is with very deep pleasure that we welcome the coming of a great Ilonggo, Mario "Mayong-Binayo" Benares. Mario hails from Bacolod and Magallanes Village. He is a member of the experimental under 5’5" pilot group of Agregado, Alcaraz, Banico, Jun Lopez, which was led by another giant of our times……Senor J.V. Tence. At one time, he was a member of the kono-kono Teenstones (who have now passed their teen years but still smokes stones…)

If there is anyone in Batch 71 that speaks more diplomatically and eloquently (orally than Tony Manzano) then it is Mario. He was the main speaker of 103, 203 and 303 as well as being the speech tutor of Mr. Niok Karaan. He excelled in teaching one to speak straight-tounged (derecho dila at de-hins tulo’ laway) US accent while under the influence of Mandrax. His wife presently employs him and he has his own email address: (great imagination no?).

Mario is related to Marin Martinez (who never writes or says hello… buti pa si Susan who regularly attends our reunion).

Some of his greatest remembered LSGH phrases have been:

" P**ing ina! Napagastos pa tuloy ako dahil sa buwisit na na 'to…singkong Newport miss"
"……at pinamimigay lang ng tarantado na 'yon…kiss naman"
" Hello…… P**ang ina pare..may yosi ka?"
"…… makukupad talaga at talagang matitigas ang t*e.....(Tula para kay Bro McKentee)"
"…… yung utak ng mga ungas na yon …..( Hail Maryknoll)"
and most recently "……Si Noni Martinez may e-mail address pala. Putang ina! !Marunong ba magcomputer 'yan. Ni hindi marunong gumamit ng sliderule yung kulugo na 'yan!!.."

(Totoo ba iyon Nony?) One will always remember Mario. If not, forced to good ka since he will remember you. Kung pikon ka, then talo ka.

Maligayang pagdating sa aming sulatan. Tuloy…..

Eddie Boy Santos,  John Spakowski,   Resty Baltazar, Dinan Lopez, Jerry Lerma, John Uytengsu, RayBan Piccio, Poncy Quirino (7/19/99)

Gentlemen of the forum:

As a result of a recent get-together at Saisaki MNL of which I had the honor of participating in; we have now recruited 4 more participants to the forum. There should've have been more however some have professed ignorance of the PC & would rather remain incognito. I shall try to give you a glimpse of how they are now. Meanwhile, we welcome the brave fellows:

1. Eddie Boy Santos: one who has always lived under the shadow of his sister's beauty & has now come into his own fold as VP for Fil-Estate. As a tisoy, Eddie has not aged nor does he care if he has, as based on his attitude towards drink.

2. John Spakowski: now Exec VP for Pioneer Philippines; which basically means he can sniff his own glue anytime he wants to. John is an inexpensive copy of of de Lorean (salt & pepper hair) with an upper crust accent tantamount to Monching Lopez on Chivas. Has great appreciation for those who have experienced Operation Bakal....

3. Resty Baltazar: kept completely to himself at the end of the table cornered by the whisky, the salmon and the teriyaki beef. Participated occassionally through stares, smiles, uhums and yeah..... in between the pulutans. Umingay na kaunti after 4 glasses of booze. Would you believe that he is in the oil industry.......PNOC

4. Arch. Dinan Lopez: Remember our LSGH alumni president and does act like one..... He graced our presence, he reviewed the inebriated participants list with Suzy, he sold LSGH VISA card memberships with 3 minute introductory speak & then left ....... people skills eh?. The Arch is for architect and not for "monsignor". Well all four email addresses are above for those who would like to communicate with them.

Welcome gentlemen and link with those of your past. Those virgins without email addresses due to various reasons of assorted nature, yet have given their fondest regards to us are:

5. Jerry Lerma (Cebu)- besides his other business interests such as "Club Fuel" Cebu, he is an avid professional deep sea fisherman and shooter (various combat rifles a'la Vic Morrow with helmet). Jerry showed Cusi and I his 6 story over the cliff residence which oversees other houses of lesser stature and their dressing areas. He has now settled peacefully with his 5th wife and 6th child.

6. John Uytengsu (Cebu) - gives his fondest regards to Busty Calderon. Anytime Busty is in Cebu, you are his special VIP guest. John has grown up to be an Elvis look-alike (black attire and gold all over...just like a Southern Cal Lexus). Has some partial interests in some restaurants and with other women given his recent bachelorhood.

7. RayBan Piccio - ayon si RayBan pa rin. Oversees Monette Ungco's consultancy works.

8. Poncy Quirino - now GM's Formula Sports Cafe and the accessories which go with it such as starlets and karaoke singers.


Eddie Portillo (6/10/99)

EddieBoy Portillo!!!!
It was only 2 years ago when we were discussing your name in this forum and wondering as to whatever happened to you as you had left us during the early years of mataas na paaralan ng La kabasagan namin, we did not even notice you slipping away na walang despidida. Sabi na lang ni Eric Ocampo na wala ka na sa school bus niya.

Gentlemen, Eddie Boy was one of the original LSGH Rangers and our peer classmate since Prep.... best friend ni Monching Lopez. He was one of the few (Club Lagkit) who wore Weston short pants na walang jockey until Grade 7. He was also fluent in English thus was able to communicate with the tisoys of GH such as the Verges, Winternitz, Caballero and Mendez. Eddie was a killer sportsman; member of the LSGH soccer team under Bart "Tom Cowart" Tolentino composed of the landed halfbreeds such as Victor Warren (now in Aussieland) and hilaw na tisoy taga-Guagua si Edgar Cuartero (now with AT&T). The peak of this soccer team's performance was beating JRC, 12-0 on a Saturday when none of us were there except for Bro. Mel.

Eddie Boy also was responsible for "turning on" Vic Tayzon, Joe Palting & Jojo Singson (besides 32 other virgins) to the attributes of marijuana. Biboy Baizas was witness to all this since sa kanya ang damo. Eddie tried to teach Class 103 how to play soccer and our success in the intrams (1 win & 8 losses) is attributed to his talent of coaching. That one win was in the same day that there was a Central House boxing match between Tobbie Castro and Biboy Baizas (Taft vs GH) on the sidelines; preliminary bout was hosted by Bong Gancayco vs. Joy Warren vs. Ompong Arguelles.

It has been too long since you were away Eddie and many of us still remember you as the one who was always in front of the line given your height. Check out the website - see what you have missed. You may have lost your virginity in a Canadian HS pero walang tatalo sa Fisher's Roxas....right Freddie Herrera?

Welcome home anak.

George Tejada (5/27/99)

Mga pogi:
One Nani Ramirez has brought to our attention the discovery of one George Baello Tejada, aka' as George or Tejada (sabi ni Visda) relation to Mercado but questionably linked paternally to Jorge Garcia?

George Tejada now lives in the bay area which basically means he is a US national, green card holder or one seeking wife of national origin. As he works for VISA and not Fungs Massage Accessories; we assume he is a US national. Ligawan si George since he has access to our credit history, he may have also the access to increase our credit levels. [George, could you please increase mine to $85,000 with Archie King as the co-payer.]

Tejada was a member of the Club Sun (mga batang laki sa araw sa Ortigas) as exhibited through his Scope grad photo. Ever since his transfer to the US, he
now speaks good English, dresses well with VISA & has bleached blonde hair a'la Rodman pero derecho. According to Nani Ramirez, prowler si GeorgeT or
"nang-gagapang" which explains why he was never invited to stay overnight in Ponce Quirino's house (remember Ponce's sisters circa 20 years ago???); I was

Welcome George; you have the option of speaking to 2 noble figures in the forum: Freddie Herrera on Cusi; or Chito Cusi on himself. Any other will need the full permission of Joy who insists all messages be copied to him para naman may matanggap na email from his friends.

Animo LaSalle

Sonny Dizon and Rich Lintag (5/27/99)

Gentlemen and alike:
Sincerest apologies for being late in formally welcoming our 2 beloved comrades above, who have recently discovered our website & forum. We have been advised that both individuals were informed of our existence through the surfing abilities of their spouses yet both claiming having discovered us through their computer prowess.

1. Sonny Dizon:
Tall and lanky, also called the "Chris Dudley (NY Knicks) of LSGH'71"...parang energizer battery, just keeps on going on and on..pati bibig. As all are aware, one of our prestigous basketball atheletes and rumoured to be the step-brother of Doy Escober (the darker side) who is rumoured to be the half-son of one Tito Eduque. Sonny D. has always been cool (ika nga ng mga anak ko). Friendly to the bone & never a snob; his capability to withstand the LaSalle wit pertaining to his limited (non-existent daw sabi ni Virgil) over-the-rim dunking abilities only fortifies the theory that "mestizos can't jump". He has gifted wisdom and eventually married a much smarter person (Jojo Rotor) who patiently tutored him on filling in an immigration form since it was in English. You see, we had the Ms. Legarda as our teacher.....:-)

2. Rich Lintag:
Salamalahkum.......finally we have expanded our alumni franchise to the Middle East (global center of the gold necklace industry and the customs officer horse-shoe diamante ring). I unfortunately do not remember Rich Lintag nor any of his weaknesses or addictions. He also is not very photogenic since his picture is not in the website nor in Scope71 just like Tobbie Castro. Junie Medrano is very familiar with Abdul Lintag which one can assume that he was either a PNT officer or SP or NARCOM. Thus in order to give justice to his coming, I invite someone else to write about him and his fetishes.Sorry Rich but if you can give me 5 weaknesses, I can create a story about your penchant for younger women.

Welcome to both!!!! Bahala na kayo sa chismis.

Animo LaSalle

Ginang Ruiz (3/15/99) wrote:
Mahal Kong Ginang Ruiz ---
Kalakip dito ay ang liham na itinaglay ko sa aking mga katoto noong makalawa.
Hindi ko akalain na hindi ito nakarating sa inyo. Patawarin po ninyo ako.

Ang inyong lingkod,



I remember our Pilipino teachers very well. They instilled in all of us, even Uday Naik, a lasting grasp of the Pilipino language. As an example of their deep  influence, here's a rehash of a famous dialogue that took place between two of our famous LSGH Pilipino teachers, namely Ms. Ruiz and Ms. Bugayong... as witnessed by Mrs. Masilungan --

Ms. Ruiz: Oy, Ginang Bugayong, balita ko'y sikat na sikat ka sa pagtuturo mo ng Pilipino sa ating mga mag-aaral, ah!

Ms. Bugayong: Sa talumpay ng iyong mga pananalita'y may nais kang ibayungis, Ginang Ruiz.

Ms. Ruiz: (hindi magpapataob) Likas na mapilamyok ang mga timpapalak mo, ah. Wari bagang ang iyong ambulingling ay parang kalumpagay.

Ms. Bugayong: Hindi naman. Ngunit mabuti pang yumikak ka na lamang at baka bungatngatin ko ang mulusong mo.

Ms. Ruiz: Huwag kang mabungyaw masyado at ako'y nadadagunyok.

Ms. Bugayong: Kung ganoon, tumamilmil na lang tayo doon sa patumbing ng "St. Benilde" upang mabingbingan ang ating mga gamuyong. Ano ang sagalimpak mo
Ginang Masilungan?

Mrs. Masilungan: Wala akong say. Ako'y piping saksi lamang sa talampisawan ninyo ng tarina't-lalim na usapan.

Sorry, walang spell-check sa Pilipino.


Albert Fernandez (3/10/99)


Your inclusion into this famous list was brought on by one Gepilano who has informed us that kailangan mo raw ng penpal. See above, maraming "boy" sa address list which you may choose from and correspond. Even if you do not, you will now regularly receive mail to keep you updated on late marriages, re-marriages, ceasarian births and prostrate surgeries. Albert (aka tikbalang, marathon runner and pabling-cito) was one of our gifted classmates that had a high intellectual capacity for academics, a great car(was it a Bimmer?) but a yen for being shy with pretty women who hurl themselves at his feet (daw). Hindi naman torpe pero mabagal ika nga..... His innocent curly hair, tisoy features made him fit right into the middle class San Juan neighborhood near Mariano Marcos st. and Waterous Hospital (is this institution still operating or veterinary medicine na lang ba?) Albert used to show around photos of girls who gave him their photos to show around thus as a lover of feminine beauty, I did look at them and also showed them around, humbly speaking. 

Recent news say that Albert is now a most Christian gentleman with a very kind heart. He would make us feel most guilty about our ways of life and the partners which we have had or try to have or paid to have. He is a role model for the mid-age gentlemen of our peer, which then does not apply to our mid-age desires to be young with overtime virility.

Welcome to the brood, Albert.

Animo LaSalle

Gepi Gepilano (2/24/99)

Gepi, or is it Albert or Bert - regrettably many of us abandon our adolescent names as we sell our professional skills to our international counterparts. I myself have changed my name to Lou Mendez since I cannot envision SecGen. Kofi Anan hailing me as Popoy or Tiny (medyo dehins ok, di ba?) kayat Bert or Albert, we welcome you to this distinguished tribe of rich and poor men.

I cannot remember much about your quirks during HS but if you do want to know what a ToastMaster is, then please refer to our website under ToastMaster. I am quite sure you will understand why your past is so important to us. I vaguely remember one Jojo Singson comment na...."tingnan mo si Gepi, ang ganda ng tawa." Yes he was referring to that close-up smile which you have that even melted the sensuality of Tony Manzano.

We have noted that you now work for Merck. Our question is whether your present employer has an alternative to Pfizers Viagra; if not is Merck not involved with an AIDS vaccine. Our query stems from the fact that many of our peers would like to enhance the rigidity of their blood circulation and absolve themselves of wearing latex rubber on certain items on their aging bodies. Many say they do not need Viagra publicly at a verbal level of machoistic pride pero titira pa rin iyan since tatagal daw ang tindig ni "pride". Many of us are still breeding with younger editions such as Agregado who so far has 3 dynasties (one per decade-the first decade does not count, since training daw yoon).

No matter what, eh...maligayang pagbalik (happy come!!!!). there are plans for an East Coast reunion but Noni Martinez has to get his enthusiasm together.

Lumiliit daw ang kanyang "enthusiasm" pag malamig....

ToastMaster Mendez

Bobet Laygo (1/4/99)

Ginoong Bobet at mga kasamang burgis:
Sa isang eh-mayl ni Kasamang Arao, ipinalaman sa atin na si Bobet Laygo aka' nog-nog, Mr. Noo', "laging basag" ay malapit na rin sumama sa atin at matututo
na rin siya magpa-andar ng PC. Ito ay nagkakaiba sa kanyang hilig ngayon na rumo-rolyo ng salami at iba pa...

Si Bobet ay isa sa mga burgis na matalino na batang 102 na hindi rin natuto ng komputer at naiwan siya sa abilidad ng 102. Ngunit nagpapakopya siya, hindi
kasing swapang ni Kumander Ablaza. Mabait na bata si Bobet dahil maskit anong init ni Bro Leon sa damo, siya ay may laging dalang doobie para sa mga
samahang ulo. Si Bobet ay malaki rin ang pasensya dahil tumatanggap siya ng komentaryo na si Jojo Singson at Joe Palting ay tunay na relasyon rin niya...buhok na IPER, double-knit na lon-ta, kulay lupang Central House.

Isinalysay ni Chanco na si Bobet ay nakilala naagad niya sa simbahan na Amerikano dahil walang madre na ganoon at itsura. Mabilis raw ang lakad at salita (pahingi naman niyan) at ipinasa naagad siya kay Karaan para sa hospitality. Talagang economist si manong.

Maligayang pagdating Bobet Laygo, kayit kung may transit stop via your utol. Bumisita ka dahil lalabas ito para sa iyo.   Matuto ka naagad ng
komputer kagaya ni Chito Cusi; para maka-bigay ka naman na ibang mapag-uusapan at ubos na kami dito. Sa ngayon napag-usapan na ang: patpat ni Clinton; Y2K doomsday; paanong magpakabait para sa langit ang destino (45 ways); trabaho ni MannyBoy Reyes; ang pagkakulang ng underwear nila Mon Lopez at Butch de las Alas noong Grade 3 kami; Gregg shoes; El Sabur vs. Westons khakis; galis at white nylon socks; pagkain ni Zaide; Villavicencio's championship (kailan?) at higit sa lahat ang mga chismis tungkol sa mga dating shota na hiwalay na ngayon at nagkita muli at ...

I-nota mo ('di yan nota mo) na ikaw lang ang may ulat sa Taglish para patunayan na kahit nasa Amerika, pinoy ka pa rin......'di ba Bobby.

>>--Animo LaSalle-->
ToastMaster Mendez

Louie Chanco and John Laraya (12/2/98)

Louie Chanco used to be one of those adolescents with a fascist streak to punish colleagues. If my memory has not been damaged by repeated acid use, he
was a PNT Officer who excelled in polishing (while naked) his shoes but more so his officer's sabre; about 25 strokes evertyime with a smile on his face. He made Alex San Juan & Ablaza (rumoured to be related also) seem like plebes. Mayabang ba si Louie???... don't remember, di' ba pikon si Chanco? Mayabang
naman tayo lahat noon except for Lito Manalo who was too bato'd to realize events around him.... Louie was & maybe still is "moreno", a result of playing
under the sun and smelling like kinula. I shall provide further updates once & when I see him.

John Laraya: I confess ignorance on John's activities. John did you do anything bad or immoral in your GH life? Did you ever have an immoral affair or fling with one of your classmate's younger sister without him knowing about it. Is there any filth in your past which we can discuss as public knowledge knowing the statute of limitations has expired? Any minor deviation from school rules, like pissing on Bro Eric's door, stealing ulam from Zaide or selling yellow passes???? Please advise.

Another 2 have been added to our discussions, now if we can only find some major issues to discuss...... Welcome!


Bing Feraren, Roy Tolosa and Louie Veloso (11/30/98)

Bing Feraren: According to my NSA friends, he has been security cleared to oversee the White House network, which includes that "talansikcum" stain on
the monitor screen. Feraren was known in GH for his soccer prowess, as he has played with the likes of Portillo, Victor Warren, Delfino, Cuartero & Alcaraz.
All of them walang sumikat maskit isa since Letran at JRC lang ang kayang talunin. Bing was known for borrowing athletic supporters particularly during
the 2nd half of the game since he preferred the rather elastic and moist versions worn by fellow team-mates. It is said that he misses the smell of competition; that smell of the Benilde's mildewed basement locker cement room, mixed with MNL humidity, the sweat scent of the team with Bart Tolentino's haletosis.

Roy Tolosa: Presently one who practices the influence of editing, filtering and revising the news information which all of you read and make financial decisions (yes the sports page) ..."the power of the pen". Roy was one of the quiet ones amongst the batch, he hung around the likes of Benny Isla, Joppy G, Vinod "balbon" and most of the editorial crew at the Lazette. If you review the paper, marami siyang litrato noon just like si Philip Sun. His impression of a joke was Mike Gana in his SeaScouts uniform holding hands with one Omar Falgui espousing that marijuana was addictive. Roy only inhaled once (maybe thrice)only yet was totally addicted to women from St.Scho as he used to always be there with his right hand in his pocket at all times......

Louie Veloso: Did not have much of an opportunity to hang around with Veloso during GH thus am totally ignorant about his doings but then there is always
chismis.... Louie Veloso (no relation to the bold starlet's agent/manager..unfortunately) was known for his height. He was the epitomy of the spanish blood not working that well. It was rumoured he played soccer and was one of the first to have Adidas Laplata shoes in Mandaluyong, which is similar to the leatherlike texture of his bare feet. He is also rumoured to be somewhat related to Dickie Cardenas who vehemently denies such filial allegations given noncturnal practices by previous Spanish priests 4 generations ago......

Welcome to the crowd. you may now participate to your liking. We have opposites in this forum given the present innocence of the Rev. Chito Cusi
complimented by really filthy low-class and excellent jokes from varied contributors. A perfect yinyang! We expect you to participate unless you are totally computer illiterate; very wealthy & succesful thus computer illiterate; an alumni of Class 110;  did not pass Mrs. Blas SRA test thus most illiterate or just not having the time to reach back to your past and say hello, in other words "detached" which is the present term for suplado at mayabang and illiterate.

>>--Animo LaSalle-->
ToastMaster Mendez

Joey Aguirre (10/20/98)


It took awhile but then Esq. Aguirre has been sourced through the vast intestinal network of the UN. Last time I saw Joey was when he was dressed in an Armani suit with a Burberry payong 20 years ago when he visited me in my old UNICEF office in NY. I had a polyester red oriental tie on wioth matching medyas. For those who may find their way to Europe, particularly Geneva, you may want to get in touch with him as he is now a senior functionary at the UN High Commission for Human Rights. He has promised to wine and dine those who visit & have gastonomical liberalities, particularly if you are willing to pay for it - Swiss rates.
Based on my telcon with Jose, the following events have unfolded in his life a'la tik-tik:
1. UN postings in Rwanda, Kenya and certain Eastern European countries
(Georgia?). He surely wants to get back to the field para may pera daw sa retirement for a new prospective business.
2. He is involved with  UN Human Resources/Personnel in a relatively new UN body called Human Rights :-)
3. He is at present undergoing mid-age liberalization which basically means freedom to drink beer not wines, happy preferential lifestyle with a partner,
reconnecting with immediate family and re-assessing (aka chismis on .....) the domesticated family lives of his alumni peers.
4. Retirement plans in MNL - showbiz agent daw. Hope he pulls this through as it would be our gateway to starlets at a discounted price, wheelchairs
provided. There are also movie production and directorial plans.

Joey was always in the honors list with a tendency for bad behaviour. He was smart but generous with knowledge. Nagpapa-kopya si Aguirre!  Nevertheless
with his flambuoyant manner, he was quite good in planning and sharing final test answers particularly on seat allocations. Tanungin si Jojo Singson, Joppy, Mark D, etc... We bade him farewell as he went to Lia Honors.

Well Joey, you now have come full cycle...welcome back.

ToastMaster Mendez

Edwin Quitzon (9/8/98)

Welcome to the internet & also to the greatest group of individuals who consider themselves honest to their wive(s). Mabuti naman at you have now realized how this method of communication can help you with your daily tasks such as lechoning. If you are using a proxy address right now, it does'nt really matter since we understand or do we.

Last time we saw each other was in the San Miguel Village basketball courts when I was busy showing Jojo Misa how to play the over-the-rim game. I was in Adidas athletic shorts & you were in very tight lavender Jantzen lycra shorts with matching clutch bag.Pabango mo Aramis at lakad mo iba. Our last balita about you was from one Joppy G, who mentioned that you managed to coerce Bro. Bernie into naming you as the North American Vice-Pres.(NAVP) ba iyon for Batch 71 alumni. Dante T. told us that you were in Vancouver pushing cholesterol as lechon + ibang chismis. Ever since then..silence, so kami na lang ang gumalaw! Para ka pala si Warren, leader sa positive thinking na may mangyayari kung hindi mo iisipin. Mabuti pa si Jun Lopez, aktivista-Kommunista na naging US Navy ngayon US citizen na. Many times there was chismis about you, such as your in-law link or ex-link with one Chona Casibang, depending on who you are living with right now. We found this not unusual given your obsessions... ika nga.

You will see from the cc'd peers above that maraming mga kumpadre mo have joined together to share chismis & stories of adultery. We have a good mix of batchmates from the rebellious but dependable ones such as Agregado,Karaan, Calderon; the horny ones such as Herrera, Acosta, Yambao to the brilliantly gifted ones such as Ablaza & Mendez (di' ba Gerry); sa gitna - you have all the PNT Officers who smoke pot, those who have joined the ERAP cabinet as well as the Atenistas (names witheld upon request). You also managed to miss a large reunion last Dec. 97 in SFO where we all confirmed that we are alive, mature & speak English like an American waiter kahit anong bihis. Many of our peers are on their second dynasties (with children from the first & even before); many now have "nieces" na pinapa-aral... most interesting.

Eventually, welcome to the Forum. We talk about anything but right now there is nothing to talk about unless you provide us with chismis on your life or chismis on others which you know of. Have you in any way spotted Eddie Portillo?

As a last favour, please email Webmaster Arao & update your info in the Directory, kundi chismis ang papasok diyan.

>>--Animo LaSalle-->
ToastMaster Mendez

Noni Martinez and Ms. Morales (7/21/98)

Fellow Alumnis of omnipotent 71:

History has granted us the privilege of discovering one Nony Martinez & our own femme-fetale of an instructor whom we have fondly always referred to as Ms. Morales. We shall now offer them our warmest welcome:

Dashing Nony was always idolized by the batch for his progressive thin-bodied physical frame even before the "heroin" fashion look was ever thought of. Nony was always involved in all activities during GH days, even those where he was never even welcome to join. It has been rumoured that presently, he still is involved with everything (ie. alumni games, pinoy festivals in NJ etc..) except with young mistresses, although this is now being questioned by one better-half.What was so remembered by all, from the likes of Warren to Ablaza, was the fact of Nony's sideburns during the era of Jones & Humperdink! Nony had no facial hair whatsoever & yet he had straight sideburns which extensively grew from his scalp line above the ear. Much effort was required to place these strands in the right place including being "iper'd" at D'Bankers HairShop in Sta. Mesa. In addition, they were toned desert red to give it that Squillantini/Cardenas tisoy effect. The barbershop has closed down yet his sideburns remain where they have always been.

Mademoiselle Morales, you will always be Miss to us or else our teenage thinking would have to cease & we face the reality of marriage & paternal life lacking sobriety. I am one of the unfortunate few who never had the privilege of having you as an instructor... there is indeed persecution in this world. Our class (was it 2nd or 3rd year) was probably stuck with some male  teacher who took very seriously his vocation of sharing enlightenment yet was not endowed with the same physical charm that would have kept us interested (....we are not talking about Mr. Visda either). In diplomatic parlance, they were not great to look at except for El Tigre Perez del Negro, who we have heard has now joined the Erap Cabinet & who forced us to look at him by the point of a compass. As said earlier, one literary peer in the batch described you as the femme fetale of LSGH 71 which to this day many of us fellows still have not figured out why; considering that, that same peer has now declared him/her out of the closet & has taken on a Swiss partner. Fate has indeed a sense of humour.

Puwede na ba ang above? So welcome back to your past Nony & Ms. Morales. Think of all the joy, the pain, the highs, the lows, the straights & the narrows of the past 27 years & how it has led us to the same roadside from varied paths. If this is too heavy for you then check out if you do not remember any of us, bodies change between 17 & 44 years and inches.

Cheers to St John the Baptist
>>--ToastMaster Mendez-->

Vic Delfino and Tabby Katigbak (7/20/98)

Distinguished & educated peers:

The ToastMaster regrets being absent extensively from such intellectual discourse but as you can see I have been exiled to the UN glass building & presently using an email official address at: which is probably monitored by Security, but who cares.

Given the antiquated control system in the UN bureaucracy, I need to pass on my messages to you all via the Webmaster until I move into a residential house of my own on 1 Oct. in Oradell, NJ; which will then allow me to open up my own new address. For those visiting NYC/NJ, you are most welcome to stay in an uppity white middle class neighborhood adjusting to Oriental intervention in which all live the American dream of 1 house, 2.5 children (I have 3) & 1.5 cars beginning Dec. 1998. The new address will be shared later once we finalize the sale, anything can happen with these things as you are aware.

The Webmaster has advised me that we have now 2 more plebes by the names of Katigbak & Delfino. I regret that I have not been able to formally welcome both however will do my best to make this up.

Vic Delfino, football player who defected to the blue side (a'la Salgado) in order to strengthen further his theory that it is a quicker drive to ADMU than to DLSU with easier parking. Vic will always be fondly remembered by us LaSallistas as the twin football forward of Eddie Portillo parang Ronaldo & Ramario sila pero local lang. Both used to be scoring machines for LSGH..... malakas daw ang JRC at hirap sila. Eddie migrated to Canada & Vic migrated to Marikina in the same gesture. It is said that Vic misses the dressing room camaraderie very much. Vic seems to be presently working in UCB working on nasty things such nucleonics as derived from his domain name. It is a pity that we had not discovered him earlier thus he would be able to have joined the famed 27 Dec.97 reunion in SFO. Vic, you may want to personally check out the website to see the photos of your old, very old friends & also amaze yourself as to why Ateneo 71 does not have one.

Tabby Katigbak, a favorite of mine (only if he remembers me) given his generosity in sharing things, all sorts of things from Albert Oglou's sandwiches to Joe Palting's Thai sticks. He was renowned for his ability to wear LSGH shirts or barongs, one-size  smaller than his real size & to ensure that the buttons stay where they are. Tabby once went on this major diet in which he lost weight thus making him a Butch Toledo look alike (without amphetamines). Unfortunately this sleekness only lasted a short while as his extra friendly nature led him to eat with his comrades to gain back the valued poundage. Tabby is not for "taba" but for Octavio. This is similar to my name Tiny, which is for Luis & not because of my modest size which was very progressive during that era.

Johnny Pena has been formally welcomed previously & thus only kudos on his new appointment as PPA Head. Does this mean that we can now import that 740iL at such a minimal tarrif rate? Anyone of us will head Customs & Excise? He has so far remained a silent participant thus he now gains this appointment. Will he admit that he is involved with us?

So welcome Vic & Tabby (& congratulations Johnny); you are now free to comment on any of the issues discussed, particularly the recent religious tirade coming from the Rt.Reverend Cusi & Monsignor Tochi. We also discuss other things such as Philip Suns weapons, Herrera's jokes, Agregado's commentaries, Warren's lack of leadership in his old age, Vic Castillo's love life & Martirez's garden. We have not yet touched upon mistresses (the development of a relationship & the sharing of wealth); nieces (mistresses under the guise of trainees) & Viagra (over the counter sales). Huwag na kayo mahiya since life is so damn short right now.

>>--ToastMaster Mendez--->

Gerry Ablaza (6/8/98)

Gentlemen & alike:

It has been some time since I last contributed to this very august forum since being too busy in trying to topple an unfriendly government. Now that the deed has been done (temporarily), I return however bringing a token of goodwill from a Singapore-Manila flight having renewed acquintances with one Gerry Ablaza.

For those of you who do not remember him, then its alright since he spent most of his days in 101,201, 301 & 40?... trying to play the role model of the true LaSallite. Many of us did not taste the above sections.Gifted with high nutrition during his infant youth thus resulting in a higher IQ, Gerry did not have the privilege of enjoying the satisfaction of copying other people's work nor did he share any of his thus making him a sure shot for success. He was also some sort of PNT Officer, consistently stroking his long sabre which he wears to this day as CEO Globe TelCom. Many of you think that he looks like Alex SanJuan... well true but do you remember Alex? Quiet in his manner & ways, Gerry was the last one ever to take an alcohol drink or ingest toxic drugs; he was however well known for scratching himself in public.

Gerry welcome to this dignified grouping. Take your tie off & spend some time perusing our website at; then contribute some funding to Gene Arao who manages it during his spare time. The wealth which you have amassed in your career should be used for good deeds & not only for staid objectives such as educating our children unless you would also pay for Agregado"s alimony(s). Many of our peers have seen you in varied locations but you have not recognized them. Good enough but since you have now been discovered & renewed again, its time to let your hair down, lay back & re-acquaint yourself with your old friends.

In the above GH71 Forum list, do you have any...friends ??? Remember be good to them on your way up since you will meet them on your way down... I do admit that some may not even warrant meeting!

Its great to see you again & welcome home. Never remembered you as being tall really, breastfed ka siguro?

>>---ToastMaster Mendez--->

Bobby Mabanta (5/4/98)

Manong Bobby:

You may not remember me but thats ok - it really wouldn’t matter after this welcome note. You were referred to us by one Dante Torralba from Canada who has requested that you be provided a traditional Welcome to our Forum. Everyone has gone through this degrading exercise except me since I write the transcripts myself. You may have not experienced it as profoundly during your Jesuit education with a Salgado since there is not much humour on that side of the street...... As I am drafting this note, I am now patiently waiting for your photo to download on my browser; mind you - 5 beses ko na ni-reload ang page pero mabagal pa rin. I have complained about this to our webmaster Gene Arao & he says that it happens to certain "faces" in batch 71. By the way as I have now partially downloaded your photo, are you somewhat related kay Jimmy Recio...... ang lakas ng dugo ninyong 2? I also presume that you are not in any way related to Noni Martinez? In case you are curious, drop by the website & you shall be surprised as to what will be discovered in our very own archives. We have basically included everyone who was a part of ‘71, pati yoong mga kumuha ng "pharmacy" at umalis ng GH are included; even dead comrades due to medicines come alive in our website. This forum has brought on more batch reunions than ever in various global cities from SFO, LAX, NYC, Hoboken, Toronto, MNL & JKT. Pag-bibisita ka ng Amerika, siguradong mayroon kang welcoming from the WestCoast crowd of Eddie Agregado, Nani R., Monching L. & 16 others; just this week si Ricky E., Ting A. & Busty C. were just welcomed in SFO. Minimum criteria for a reunion are 3 classmates & 1 photographer. You need not be a US citizen, being an illegal will do.

We have also noted your very confused state between the Marikina Heights school & our lovely GH...... we also do have many friends from Ateneo71 & they have praised our website; wishing they had their own. I hear Bong Layug (upon his prison release) will eventually try to establish one for themselves. You have the names above & they now know you exist except when borrowing money.

Welcome back!
>>--ToastMaster Mendez-->

Poncho Orendain (4/20/98)

Poncho: (Orendain, Is that really you????)

Totoo ba na ikaw iyan (pinoy version of the title above)???? You were referred to us by one St. George Mercado who confirms that this is indeed your email address. If you are not the Poncho Orendain of LSGH71 then pasensya ka na.

Manoling, we have a website which you may want to check out at Not only is it a blast from the past but it also serves as an archive for us nearing the geriatric stage & for those who have just passed it. You will note through the cc addresses above that you may have your pick of old peers to discuss updates with. Those who do not respond are normally the ones enslaved by their secretaries thus being very much PC illiterate. This is really not so bad since it does allow them time to commit the appropriate adultery. You may want to sponsor the site through Gene Arao who is our webmaster & has finally outgrown the pimples which he had since birth.

As you were once a member of the Stoned Out Pasig River Preservation Society which to this date has not yet been exposed as the first "frat" without a greek name, it may interest you that it is only Joppy G, Julius L. who is part of this Forum sans myself. The rest of the brood such as Boy Garcia, Benny Isla, Roland Beredo, Larry V. et al...would rather manage pension funds for unwed mothers (ie. GROs) or live in Bangkok with their 4th wife. Yet there is always the 302 group of Warren, Fernandez, Villanueva, Cusi etc... who may be able to provide insight on more moral investments in the PI besides the very lucrative incomes of GRO pension funds. We do not know of anyone in Atlanta, GA except yourself & (the) Olympic bomber. There is a large CA alumni crowd (both farmers & illegals) & an East Coast crowd who do impersonate Puerto Ricans well. We have Canadians ( & the millionaires in MNL.

Normally in such welcomes, we would talk about your past such as your fetish for smelling your used undies in the evening, the sister of the classmate that still claims you're the father & the Carriedo bedtime stories which you used to collect; however since I am under pressure right now due to an end of assignment in Indonesia, I leave the rest of the details to a batch reunion which was foreseen to be this summer but which everyone is trying to avoid unless libre.

ToastMaster Mendez

Mrs. Isabelina Del Pan Ilarde (3/19/98)

Sa tingin mo ba ay talagang sikat ang 71 batch? Could we please add a few more praises to that like barat, mga suplado, hindi serioso, mga pogi, et al....... Wala nang martial law, wala ni si Macoy, wala na rin iba sa amin........

The ToastMaster has been notified of your presence. Unfortunately the ToastMaster has never been one of your students, I can only say that we have only but full admiration for you during that era which is our way of saying, here comes the bad part. This is also fortunate since it limits my ability to provide the quality teasers which you are entitled to. You were praised as the instructor with the heart...... (sabi ni Crisologo; which one? you guess). "Ok siya manong, tisay pa....?" Now whatever relevance the skin tone has to your teaching skills can only be explained by either Crisologo and their preferences for.....

Illuminado (aka Junie Medrano) one of your die-hard obsessed students admitted that his late entry to marriage was attributed to him seeking for a femme-fetale like you. It was only through the demise of his pet parrot "Visda" that he then convinced himself   it was time to stop this futile search. Agregado, your favoured munchkin, who is reputed to have
been sent out of your class 25 times has led a life of solace since he left your class. Except for having 3 wives simultaneously, he has always expressed loneliness & the need of  a science class with all those chemicals. A Jorge Garcia who was caught writing your name on Bro. Eric's laundry, has never forgiven this FSC for asking him to consider celibacy. Roland Raymundo, who used to be 71 then became 72 only because he wanted to repeat your class & enlighten his scientific knowledge. He now owns a fleet of jeepneys.

You have the distinguished list above, you will now be able to determine as to who really was the Einstein. Gerry Ablaza was considered the smartest; he was fortunate that we had not tapped our potential at that time..........

Bahala ka na, ma'm
ToastMaster Mendez

Ed Cuartero (3/12/98)

Last time I ever saw you was when you told me that you would quit FIFA soccer so as to pay attention to your studies so as to take up medicine at UST. I took this very seriously considering that even in the process, you still allowed some of us to copy your work exams. Now what the f**k is a doctor doing in AT & T? Are you the company med, the store nurse or the corporate shrink (like Camara). What are you doing in Chicago is it? Is that anyway different from the movie Fargo?

Ed is a good man. We all remember him, dignified delegates (ha!), as the mainstay of our GH soccer team, the perennial fullback who never gave an inch to an opponent. He could kick that soccer ball midfield like he was a natural from Manchester United. This guy hanged around with the likes of Eddie Portillo, Virgil Villavicencio,Victor Warren, Monchu Caballero. Ed is the darker version of the mestizo while Virgil represented the dark side. Ed is also a very quiet man, he always had this smile which told you that if you don't smile back, I'll kick your teeth out. He had symbolically gold teeth as a reference to his class status at that time, we were teenagers & Ed was an adult. He acted & thought like one which
made me somewhat believe that he could have been really 25 years old when we were 15. He taught me soccer from GH's grades 5 to 5, he yelled at me a lot..... thus I had to make that crucial decision of switching to gymnastics!

Ed welcome to your past. Julius has been quite energetic in asking us to await your appearance, that was 3 months ago....bumagal ka yata. Now is the time to say hello to the peers that helped you pass highschool as a humane person......if it not were for us, you would consider yourself one who did not share all that information thus not allowing us to attain the same standards as you. We understand that you were not an Ablaza nor were you an Agregado anyways. As payback, we have established this website for us as a monument to our 71 glory at ; we had intended to build a full mounment but mahal daw an cemento kayat website na lang. You may want to provide self-chismis, your photos (+family) & even sponsor the site. You will note that many of our rich CEO peers have not sponsored & that is why they are rich...!!!! One day they will age & die, we shall then charge for our presence in the funeral. Membership to this forum also allows you some frills such as gossip on lost friends (or dead ones too), regional updates on countries & massage parlours.

Welcome back! Smile, ginto pa ba ngipin mo?
ToastMaster Mendez

Johnny Peña (3/9/98)

John which previously used to be Juan (see what middle-age has done? pati pangalan bata):

Since you made that mistake of admitting you are Juan Pena, I am thus copying your discovery to your peers above (CC list). A mirror of your past has now arisen like the "phoenix from the ashes" or in other words, cabron from Dickie Cardenas. You may now write to them after this introduction.

This Forum is, as you are now probably aware, dedicated to the pursuit of bringing your 71 peers together via the web. Yes the same people that you snubbed & considered more intellectually inferior than you; are now reading this letter (slowly) with flashbacks of them trying to figure out how you look like & what you had done to them. Yup..noshit......!.  

Gentlemen, I pounced upon John Pena when I received an email from him under his nom de plume, "elsie pascual"; it seems he has the same gender crisis similar to our other peer discoveries like Maria (June) de Asis, Dante"Tootsie" Torralba & the other assorted GH alumnis who rely on their secretaries or lovely spouses to send email. (I have copied this message to Elsie since you may be her during the evenings - who knows?) John also has this impression that my name is "cheers (ahemmmmm..)" which is a sign of iodine-deficiency at an early age, even if he was in class 301 (I attach proof below) or he never does a final check of what is sent out which we fondly refer to as the RLY syndrome (kamusta Robert?).

John sorry na lang but you now have been auto-included in the '71 Forum list which you will probably compare to spamming (alam mo ba iyon). I strongly recommend that you send your own email from now on or else Elsie (you? admit it!) will probably be reading most of the smut which you have been hiding from your kids & also from your wife & Elsie. To start off check out our LSGH71 website then continue from there to read the daily mail which you will now be receiving which has assorted issues discussed such as Monty Salgado's sex life to MannyReyes's no-sex life. We also share gossip on who has several dynasties (marriages) & who has the youngest bride which is now a close finish between Marc Squillantini (after menopause) & Eddie Agregado (after chemicals). I hate to lie, thus just to let you know that you were the least expected to join us in our Forum thus please provide us with a brief background your work & life in the last 20 years or so maskit 5 words lang. You may send this directly to Gene Arao who will ensure that may chismis sa website directory which requires also a photo of you grinning as if you had come twice in a row (at this age)...... now kung si Elsie is some 24 year old Executive Assistant who is a "looker" than we suggest that you send her picture & address & forget about your historical background.

The rest will fall into play as you will discover. I expect you now to shift to your personal email address & Elsie will be very curious (after this email) about what is being written as she has now discovered a historical phase which she would love to share with the whole office. Yari ka ngayon....!

Now if you are not the same Juan Pena of La Salle Green Hills 1971, then si Elsie na lang....

Cheers (as in toast, as in drinking alcohol, as in warm greeting ...etc...)
ToastMaster Tiny Mendez (ayan may title na at pangalan)

Sunder Hemandas (2/14/98)


Before we welcome you formally, is it true that Vinod Hirinandani is now in India & is a very rich man with a capability of providing 16 lbs of carrots, 5 cows, 18 chickens & a semi-auto plow as dowry for his daughter? If so, please advise the model of the plow...?

Monty found you, how, we do not know but we warmly welcome you to this Forum in which you are free to participate & throw in whatever pieces of Rupees you would like us to chew on. It is really a blessing that you have been found since we were getting a bit concerned about a growing ethnic group called the Batanguenos, who somehow have discovered that they are all related & make up a large percentage of this grouping. We doubt that this is a result of incest however we do not  discount the possibility that certain pre-Hispanic ancestors had this tendency to take lone walks at night & visit the servants  quarters of the neighbours....thus you will note that many have not realized that they were related until now even if they had shared the same urinals during their GH days. Are you still in touch with the other Filo-Indians of our batch? If so whom & have they entered cyber-world? Drag them would "spice" things up... to use a pharase ika nga.... Do you remember any of those cc'd above? Have any of them borrowed money from you or promised you their sisters in relation to a debt? Would you in anyway still have their written IOUs which we could capitalize upon? Check out our website at

Well you're in, comrade, you will now see how much junk mail one can get in a day without falling prey to spamming........ Welcome to the Forum!!!!

ToastMaster Mendez (aka Luigi Punjabi)

Bro. Bernie Oca, FSC (2/11/98)


Bro. Bernie is back & he is willing to absorb any verbal (sophisticated though) abuse that you would like to throw at him for his penalty in being absent or intentionally absconding from our Forum presence. We really have to thank the unintentional "Article" thread which led us to his new email address, nagtatago lang siya sa mga anino.......... He said that he missed us yet was there any effort to look for us? I am saddened to hear that his secretary was more excited about our email messages than Bro. was given that he was too embarassed to admit that he had previous dealings with our class. The previous Bernie Oca would never HIDE this facet of history, he would DENY it ! Bro. Bernie, you were with us in the earlier months of this Forum which is soon to celebrate its one year when Monching Lopez, Butch dlA , Arellano, Warren & I had nothing to do but fondle ourselves while surfing the net (but thats another story...). You also left us when we were precariously deliberating whether we should continue in this fashion; you will note no decision yet has been made. Milky even sponsored your own email address thus gaining him the "lion heart" with the "rooster ****" (which he is still so proud of at his age) award. He told us many stories of your double dates together at St. Pauls/ Brother talaga, kayat celibate ka ngayon ahhhhh.

We did miss your presence since we had no one serious enough to provide us information on GH alumni activites, so we made our own reunions under the guise of drinking sessions. Now that you are back, we can then continue our drinking as you establish some sobriety amongst us. Tanong nga ni Eddie Agregado, ".....itong Quartus Foundation, can I contribute my $1000 to this cause.....?" Since you were not around, we asked him to leave the money with us for safekeeping..........we are still waiting. Nice to have you back!

ToastMaster Mendez

Tonet Jose (2/8/98)

Dear Jose,

Matagal ka na iniintay & it has come to the point that we would rather just talk about you without you present & without a fair chance of a rebuttal. We are most happy that you have taken our advice to sign on the guestbook since we have just opened you to a new 71 venue called the Forum.

Tingan mo naman ang mga membro, read their names & your will notice that none of them have ever given you anything valuable nor positive in this lifetime. When your name was mentioned amongst us, there was this very strong tendency to relate your bloodline to "Osbun" Banico, although you may have not looked alike before (we do not know now....) there was this possibility discussed of you & him coming from the same genetic structure.

Cusi mentioned that you were ahead of us in terms of years but then you had decided to grace us with your presence (bumagsak ka daw...) when it was discovered that you were making boso on Ms.Angie Magbanua & telling everyone it was crowded & heavily tinted underneath (nagkikis-kis ang pata... ...ika nga). It did not help when you described the sight you saw to us as having a V8 Buick engine in a Corolla..... Monching Lopez gracefully informed us that you now live in SFO but was unable to join our CA reunion last 27 Dec.; hindi ka raw pinayagan ni mayor. Is that true? Even after having been part of that Chinese gang called "ting-tong" in Magallanes which was compared to the Sige-sige group of Eddie Agregado? Medyo iba ang status ng 2 grupo pero; sila tatoo - kayo airbrush . O baka naman kuwento mo kay Mrs ay ting-tong ka pero OxO talaga.

Well you are now part of this GRO (Geriatric Rehabilitation or Occupation) gang. The objective is to laklak vitamins & natural herbs to promote hardness & hair growth...not necessarily in that order though.Some of us still play golf, weapons, cars etc... as a hobby, the others play with mistresses & they do not share with their playmates...swapang!

As you mentioned this email will now be received by your loving wife; who will not be so loving once she digs up more of your past. Your ability to take pictures of naked teenage boys (class 302) in the shower after PE class & Cusi says (yari si manong), that even after perspiring heavily under the GH heat......yoon na raw ang shower mo, made you quite popular in their class. By the way, Cusi & Warren still have those pictures.........

Welcome home Tonet......your past has finally caught up with you. Write & enjoy!!!

ToastMaster Mendez

Artemio Lobrin Jr. (1/31/98)

Manong Artemio:

As I had spotted you while checking out the Guestbook, it has dawned on us all that you have been missing for quite a while & now you join us from icy Canada. Now there are 2 of you as an explorer named Torralba was the first who ever discovered the site......mabuti naman at you have proven that Pinoy Canuks can be literate

You may be the second one from Canada but you are the first one with the name "Boy" who has ever come back "el natural"...... If you are in Toronto, then you may have a chance to meet Torralba there, whose name is Dante & not Boy. Many of our peers who previously were called Boy such as Boy Warren, Boey Acosta, Bots Crisologo, Boysti Calderon have all changed their names to reflect their Western acumen (daw). I myself have changed my name from Bopoy to Luigi........  We only ask as to how the Canuks react to the name Boy or do you slightly change the accent to "Bhoy" (also the spelling); giving it more of an Afghan Mujahadeen bent.

The Forum has also asked me to query as to why you insist that your present email address belongs to your daughter? There is nothing wrong with "bubby", in fact its closer to Bhoy however there were protestations about sympatico since those who remember you seem to think that those who you dated did not agree with this character description.

Overall though, we welcome back to the Forum any prodigal who thinks that we are worth the value.... ask Manalac who came & left in less than 30 days. The cc list above represents much of your historical past......yes, even Joey Rufino. Webmaster Arao has your Scope71 photo & will not scan it unless you provide us with an update of your life (downdate puwede rin) as well as your recent photo(+family) to be sent directly to him. If you have more than one family then please sponsor the website so we can have more pages,  as presumably they are not under one roof.  We also ask that you get your own email address instead of filtering it through  your lovely daughter Bubby, who may begin to question your moral past. We would suggest: "" (more of a romantic ring not King).

We welcome you to our midst & hope that you are as talkative as Jorge since he has not yet met his match. He even sends email to himself....... . You are now free to say hello to your peers & see who responds.....

Vive' Quebec!
BoastBaster Mendez

Julius Leviste (1/24/98)


On behalf of the other inebriated individuals of the SFO reunion & also from their fans based in Manila (fondly referred to as locals by Sun); we would like to say thank you for the photos which has only enhanced our image of a group of intellectuals seeking respite in alcohol, food & chocolate milk (in the case of Eddie Agregado).

I have noted that we had never really given you a proper WELCOME ROAST, so here goes:

Julius once owned an Opel Rekord during our GH days. This vehicle was imported straight from FRG & duty paid (daw, alam ninyo naman ang Leviste clan noon), metallic candyapple red, leather strip upholstery & interior sublime. One Saturday evening, Leviste driving, Benny Isla, Tayzon, Biboy Baizas & Mendez went out to Cubao to do their usual pick-up haunts of lasses who worked in Cubao stores & would not mind frolicking their bodies through some burgis LaSallistas younger than
they were. Unfortunately it was night of no luck thus it was decided to head back to eat "roadside" Sta.Mesa Blvd. Baizas immediately rolled joints to tickle appetites & lift the spirits even higher; on the 2nd joint which was precisely smoked in front of St. Pauls QC near Magnolia...we heard  a loud "BUGABUG!!!!!!!!"

The conversation then as follows:
Julius: "Ano iyon?"
Isla: "Kotche mo pare, slow down."
Julius: "I have slowed down"
Mendez: "Wow.....sungit"
Baizas: "Pare ko, sumampa tayo sa island... nasa gitna tayo ng kalye."
Julius: "Wow, umaandar pa ba tayo?"
Isla: "Wow, ikaw ang nagmamaneho....tumigil na tayo di' ba?"
Julius: "Wow bummer.....check natin?"
Baizas: " Yoong, hayop itong damo?"
Mendez: "Saan mo na-iskor ito? shit...hayop conyo..ang lakas"
Julius: "Bababa ako, samahan ninyo ako mag-check...ang lakas nga!."
Tayzon: "Sige, uubusin lang namin ito"
Julius:" May tulo ba...?"
Isla: "Julius, ikaw lang ang nasa-labas" May tulo ba?
Julius: "Anong kulay yoong tutulo just in case?"
Isla: "Black - langis or fluid" Kita ba?
Mendez: "Wow....langis"
Baizas: " Wow.......tulo, thats dangerous man"
Julius: "Nothing its too shit ang lakas ng damo whenever I bow my head."
Mendez: "Para ma-lessen ang problema, ma-una na kami ni Biboy sa roadside..."
Julius: "Wow! Lets just drive there.....ok?"

The above is a true story & reflects the mental condition of the characters involved.

Welcome Julius, better late than never.

>>--ToastMaster Mendez-->

Niok Karan & Dante Toralba (1/16/98)

A. Dearest Niok:
Not that we do not appreciate discovering your presence but we have to apologize for this delayed welcome given that our ToastMaster was on leave but is now back in JKT. In addition, he will never ever forgive you for stealing the fire hose during our 303 class night, whereby you & Bimbo Cruz sold it to the closest hardware store with no sharing of profits amongst your peers. Ang masama lang doon, buong 303 ang nagbayad ng nawawalang hose.......never forgotten that debt yet no one squeeled. Karaan will always be remembered as the most humanitarian extortionist of 303. Once Eric Ocampo (before his APO days) had no lunch money, thus immediately,  Niok mobilized Joe Palting to collect 25 centavos each  from each member of the class. Ocampo got his lunch, Karaan & Palting got 25% of the collection money for doobie. Niok was quite fond of Albert Oglou, this may have been an adolescent crush but he never ever let a day go by without Albert "nadibdiban nanaman" at nakuhanan ng baon. This gentle human being also had his kind side, as he defended
Vinod's umbrella from any potential theft seeing that he would be repaid through some Hindi ritual which would improve the rigidity of his erection. Karaan was also in love with some fair maiden from Maryknoll, problem was it was never mutual yet he persevered knowing that the umbrella would one day bring him luck. We welcome you Niok to this fine collection of successes & excesses. During the SFO reunion, both Eddie Agregado & I spoke fondly about you & noted as to how much you overpriced us per "matchbox".

Could you ask Bobet Laygo to buy a computer & join us, instead of making pastrami sandwiches...please.

B. Si Dante naman.....
Dante Torralba in truth, you have been a subject of dispute amongst this forum as to whether you are really a part of our class or more senior to us ( kung bagsak ka daw?....tanong ni Jorge Garcia). Monching Lopez fondly remembers you in the Taft benches pero wala naman nadagdag pang sabihin & so do I (pero basag ako noon),  the rest just  say... "talaga..." Such caring ? You departed from us at an early & crucial age - high school; a time when many of us were puberizing yet Bugsy Banaag was already menopausing. Having lost you to UP during those HS crucial years was like having you marry early.....during that time we also lost Val Garcia to Phil Science & yet he returned to our fold to supply the GRO's for such crucial ceremonies as Warren's 25th Circumcision Day which is always a reunion excuse. Welcome back.

O wala na akong utang.......


Joey Rufino & Billy Villanueva (12/29/97)

Gentlemen & the like(s):

For those of you who do not know what dispatches are, then refer to your closest DHL dealer...DHL & not the other dealer, please.

I am taking advantage of also welcoming Messrs. Joey Rufino & Billy Villanueva to our forum. Their emails were  "sourced" (Eddie A style) accidentally through Chimoy Fernandez & Rufino's was provided during the MNL Express reunion where quote "......mommy, ano ang email natin???" was publicly queried over a long table of benevolent  alumnis.......

The SFO reunion was a smashing success & as such, updates of our fellow mates are as follows:
1. George Mercado: always has his "hair down" - don't let this Christian fellow fool you, he is still able to dislodge an insult when required. Sabi ni Bocobo, George suffers from HIV (Hair Is Vanishing).
2. Ting Manalac: one who defected to Ateneo with Salgado & is presently under an identity crisis; minsan masungit rin kagaya ni Monty....could be the higher learning endowed by Jesuits & not commensurate to our humour.
3. Jorge Garcia: dressed in his Gandhi look, ganoon pa rin ang bibig. He brought his lovely wife & managed to disregard her for 3 hours straight.
4. Joey Rufino: escorted by his family to protect his public image & to fortify his cleanliness. Not  a bad achievement for a guy from Class 210 & who habitually burns down his kitchen. Arrived 2 hours later para hindi na masingil ng  $20.... politiko nga.
5. Monching Lopez: overall logistician of the event (galing mo manong), brought the BlackLabel engrande, also brought his other wife Butch de las Alas.
6. Butch delas Alas: almost completely forgot about his eyes, those lemonish green round shape modules which reminded me so much of "window pane acid", kausapin mo - pareho rin ang tama sa ulo.
7. Dickie Cardenas: never did find out what he is presently doing. Tisoy pa rin & his taglish has indeed improved. Ewan ko at bakit pinagsasabihan ni Jorge sa email, wala naman siyang email.
8. Marc Squillantini: has a young wife although not as young as Eddie Aggie (his 3rd one in this lifetime) or Joppy G (his 1st in any lifetime); he however said that he was working on a younger version soon.
9. Julius Leviste: also wore a red sweater like his lovely wife Gail, boasts of achieving push/situps at 260 per day, has this smile which never wears off...sumobra facelift .
10. Caloy Narciso:  wala pang email ito si Caloy. His excuse is that naka-kahon pa raw ang PC niya since his birthday last February........ '92 .
11. George Jereza: tahimik pa rin si George, parang si Jereza.
12. Christian Bocobo MD: never ever forgave us for voting for Joy Warren to the point that he admitted that he took up medicine to spite us. Has finally developed his medical bedside humour & told us about the highs of anaebloic steroids...
13. Busty Calderon:  travelled 800 miles & took more medicaments with him to SFO rather than clothes. Brought his own rasberry flavoured cough syrup
14. Jojo Lahoz: travelled also 800 miles & also brought his cherry flavoured cough syrup, isa pa ito. Official designated driver, no drink-no smoke-yes cough syrup!
15. Nani Ramirez:  that picture in the website with the tuxedo on?  he brought that  same grin with him ......
16. Milky Lagandaon: quiet silent & still believes that Elvis lives amongst us.
17. Phillip Sun: feeling dignified & old
18. ToastMaster Mendez:  travelled from Jakarta + LA & also feeling "young(i)",  has the eternal cure to gout
19. Eddie Agregado:  brought his 3rd wife, masmataas pa ang measurement ng waistline niya kaysa sa edad....

The group missed the presence of Jimmy Martirez, as well as his house in Atherton. As all are aware, his house committed the presence of Jimmy to the reunion however X-mas got in the way.

It was agreed that Los Angeles Summer 98 would be the next venue, something like a ex-addict, alcoholic, adulterer & spiritiual convention to be hosted by the LA crowd.(Lahoz, Calderon, Arao, Araullo, Tayzon & Mendez). Any other batchmates under TNT status also welcome, pseudo names to be provided from INS files.

Hilites & Quotes of the evening:
" Ayon pala itsura ni Jorge Garcia...." (J. Lahoz)
" Bayad mo......?..." (B.delas Alas)
" I only smoke my vegetables...." (T.Mendez)
" I now only eat my vegetables....." (E.Agregado)
"Ayon pala itsura ni Busty....." (J.Garcia)
" Magkano na ang hatak natin, Butch?......"(M. Lopez)
" Kamusta ang hardin ni Martirez sa Atherton....?"(B. Calderon)
"Ewan, dala niya yata sa Manila... " (T. Mendez)
"Why is your wife so young like mine.....? (E. Agregado to
"We should do this again...." (Agregado on his wedding night, as told
about his 2nd wife by his 1st)
"Si Joy Warren...?" (Bocobo after realizing who he was with)
" Hello, hello......!" (Junie Medrano on the phone)
"Serioso ako...." (J. Rufino on his political future)
"Hindi rin ako natatawa........bayad mo?"(B.delas Alas)
"Shit, oder cabron!!!....(B.Calderon replying to D.Cardenas)

Personalities discussed or nachismis but not present: Kid Herrera, Martirez at Atherton,  Val Garcia & his GRO's, Vic & Benny Isla, Roland Beredo as a GRO, Joppy G, Lito Manalo & his habits, Balingit & his generosity, Velasquez, Salgado by Manalac, Arao on Llamado, Roger (aka Bro. Leon), Castro & Baizas as fighters, Carino & Talens as lovers,
Pres. Ramos,  Ms. Joey Aguirre,  NoelLawas as his/her Ob-Gyna et al......

Never mentioned: Gerry Ablaza & Bro. Eric

Special "hard" mention for Ms. Legarda, Casibang, Morales, dela Fuente, del Pan, Gorayeb  for the inspirations & "reflections" provided.... Sluggo Visda (iba raw ang korte ng ulo ni manoy) for making us the malcontents that we are.

As promised this email is to also welcome Billy  "libs" Villanueva & Joey "run again" Rufino, we would've written longer things about both of you but the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the "few"next time na lang.

>>----Animo LaSalle--->

Have a peaceful 1998
ToastMaster Mendez

Ting Manalac & Jun de Asis (12/28/97)

Two new recruits who seem not to be related nor known to each other but share the path of having been a part of Batch'71. Welcome to the Forum gentlemen, the Webmaster is currently in Manila on vacation & he has informed me that boh of you have been detected & are now a part of a network much more vicious than TRW.

The Webmaster left last night on a PAL flight from LA to Manila, bringing with him 2 brand new Samsonites & 6 carton boxes obtained from their nearest grocery store. Arao comments that these brightly marked boxes of peaches, sanitary napkins & cereals are easier to spot on the MIA luggage belt than the generic Balikbayan Box (anong say Monette Ungco). Little known to Arao was that in the same  Bradley terminal was the renowned Chito Cusi; fresh from a cruise of Southern Europe & the Med. who was awaiting the departure of a flight to MNL via Seoul. During this transit, Chito kindly called me to say hello but called
"collect" citing poverty due to the Peso x-rate even if he owns half of Ormoc. What does this have to do with Ting & Jun?  Nothing really......

Jun in your entry to join us, we only ask as to why your email address is "maria", is it a nom de plume for what your real life preference is ? Isn't Jun good enough, if you wanted to make it more feminine than just add "e" for June (very close to Junie M. who has first preference). Ting, you were referred to us by one Ricky Camara, who boasts that he knows all about your "head" & what Freudian hang-ups you have developed in the previous years since HS. Any hygiene problems?

In a preparatory foreplay meeting to the 27 Dec. SFO reunion last Friday evening with Calderon, Lahoz, Arao, Duncan, Mrs. Nats Crisologo (filling in for the real one & prettier too) & yours truly; I asked them a question as to what do they remember about both of you para sa ToastMaster welcome. It was the longest moment of silence ever between all of us, although Calderon remembers having gone to the mens toilet with one of you . Similar to the Clinton case, he remembers "little" physical characteristics.

As both of you have joined us against your will, this is the opportunity for you to practice your writing skills with our one & only Jorge Garcia, who we consider as the "Guardian of the Gate" (PADPAO). He sees & oversees all & is quick to provide input when required. His power of analysis is excellent & can take any sentence apart or any issue out of context. Overall, we have Joy Warren watching over us. He will only provide input when he understands the discussion & normally introduces a new issue at the same time totally unrelated to the discussions. We have our website '71 which is the pride & joy of the batch, go visit & sponsor since there are many plans ahead.......

Finally Ting & Jun, welcome to your past. As GH'ers, we probably did not pay that much attention to each other but now that we have gone older, we tend to hunt for milestones of the past which will allow us to deal with the future...heavy no?

>>---Animo LaSalle---->
ToastMaster Mendez

Oscar Sarmiento (12/15/97)

Mr. Sarmiento:

The webmaster has notified us of your recent arrival & return to Class'71. We have also noted that you were in the 12th Dec. reunion of the Manila Chapter  & we hope that you were able to  have a good time & bring home one of their living Christmas gifts. If so we would like a detailed assessment if possible. I regret the delay in this ToastMaster Welcome since I am on X-mas leave & as such am very busy pestering my wife to feed & bathe me.

One thing we must say is that as a long lost prodigal son of Batch '71, we hope you have remembered many of us. In truthfulness, we do remember you  (bullshit!!!) & your photo did help....We noted your early departure for the US before graduation with all intentions to loose your virginity before all of us did. We all presume you lost yours for free, in some coed HS in CA while we had to pay for ours in some dark smelly whorehouse in Pasay. The only difference I presume is that our repositories had more experience & less time to deal with us & spoke with some accent, while yours had more love & attention to give & said that she really loves orientals. Interesting perspective no? Now that you are in Manila, you are now amidst experimentation with what  is now available there....we envy you. Remember blue seal ka manong!!!

You are one of the few with the courage to admit that Mike Crisologo is peer. He is normally seen during the reunions  as he is a regular, since it does provide him with an access to commit adultery at the prorated expenses of his friends. Funny but Mike did not even mention your name to us then sana we could have put you first in the original directory as well as encouraged you to sponsor the site also. Please do blame him for this oversight.

You noted many familiar names of friends in our  71Directory & hopefully, they are the ones that are still alive. We have tried to limit our mortality rate to a minimum however the lifestyles of the mid-age & the reckless have somewhat been uncontrolled. As of latest count: 12% are diabetic, 11% have some sort of cardiac malfunctions, 1% have survived cardiac attacks, 4% have hypertension, 89% premature balding, 10% impotency (with wives only though), 45% type of gum disease related to fellatio, 99% personality disorders which relate to them feeling inferior to their wives. Note that 89.111% have committed some sort of adultery or another(?). Not bad eh?

I shall cut this short since I do have to do the dishes being back in the US again. We warmly welcome you  back to the fold & since you have longer CA accent than all of us put together, we then expect you to provide more english input than Jorge Garcia.

Peace in  >>---St.LaSalle--->
ToastMaster Mendez

George Mercado (12/8/97)

One early morning in the Bay Area.........
" Pare ko, nahanap na raw si Mercado sa internet. Balita eh....sobra bait na raw si Mercado ngayon at hindi na pabling at CC na raw"
"Oooooh, imposible iyon! Si George may anak siya sa kapit bahay namin; balita nga nilasing yoong tatay."
"Talaga? paano yoon nanay?"
" Ayun, ....buntis."

(excerpts from the play "George of the Market" by Nats & Mike Crisologo)

Mr. Mercado:

With an email address like "palengke", we wonder as to what type of business you are in. It is definitely legal as opposed to certain transactions which our other brothers have involved themselves in.....note though, they are wealthier.

We warmly welcome you to our Forum. You will see many familiar names in the list yet only about 6 consistently provide input, the others are still learning how to speak English or learning how their PCs operate under the guise that they are too busy to read or write since they are executives (hint: Robert Y.) ......wawa naman.  By the way, as of now the Yambao email does not work since he closed it down after the first Welcome from the ToastMaster. The stated six are very active people: Jorge Garcia: yes, his verbal abilities are much more distinguished than his sexual ones; very active & always there to comment. Monching Lopez: good mobilizer & sentimentalist, iyakin 'to...... understands his wife. J. Warren: presently in a Carribean cruise with his esposa, he must've really did something wrong to spend that much on a cruise. Will contribute when he feels neglected. Gene Arao: Webmaster of (just in case you have not seen our sexy website) which has won many an awards yet none collected. He announces "whats new" in case no one visits it; its a bit Freudian to him. Its the pictures which are interesting..... Philip Sun: remember him, the tyrant of the PNT days, he still gets hard by kissing his sabre & shining his shoes. He provides distinguished & intelligent matters of humor (IQ jokes), still has his sideburns pero patche-patche na raw. Monty Salgado: mumurahin ka lang only when required & when you need it for health........ Nani Ramirez: who has recently become bolder & participates, Xmas sales must be very good.

Yup there are 7 instead of 6 thus one is saling pusa only.........

We "fondly" remember you George, not that you were into touching us..but your exuberance, warmth & occasional kuripot(ness) which made Gel Balingit's famed generosity very proud of you. You were always the nice guy, the one who would say "kamusta?" instead of just grunting & saying "oh ano..?" just like our chief speaker Tobbie Castro. One of our colleagues (Joey Aguirre) said that you always smelled good.....we need not ask how, by the way - he now has accepted the stage of pre-menopause. You are one of the original GreenHills boys who wanted to maintain the short "Westons" khaki pants until HighSchool since presko nga naman kung walang kijaks no & no humid dikit at lagkit? I remember seeing you in Gregs Shoe Store in SanJuan, even though we were HS seniors buying those black mocassins for our Antipolo Prom & still you insisted on those khaki shorts to wear.

George, its a few weeks before christmas & many of us will be seeing each other to resurrect our past. The Manila chapter meets on the 12th in Makati, the CA chapter meets on the 27th in SFO, the others (MannyReyes-NY; JunieMedrano-Houston; Camara-Honolulu) tatawagan na lang raw tayo collect. Joining this forum is an opportunity for you to practice your WestCoast accent in the internet....... be good, be patient & most of all sponsor the website so we can get more fun out of it.

Love & kisses from Joe Palting,

ToastMaster Mendez

Bong Yambao (11/30/97)


Welcome to '71's version of the Penthouse Forum!!!

According to Acosta, finally natuto ka na rin gumamit ng makinang na nakakatawag na mga pinalipasan na pagkakaibigan......(you have learned to use the machine relevant to your historical friendships on call). You just do not know how much we have been waiting  for this opportunity to insult you & show our appreciation as to how much you really mean to us. But can we really do this? Should we not focus on more productive things to do, like housetrain our mistresses, than give you your moment of glory? Can we really pierce that shell of egotistical Mindanao mahogany skin similar to the effort of Rollin Alegre's attempts to pass English II? Are we able to really prove that you are vaguely related to Joe Palting, Noni Martinez & Angie Magbanua but not necessarily in that order?

Bong - you will see that from above (e-mail cc list),  you are joining a group of distinguished individuals who have decided to come together & support the cause of the mid-age crisis". A syndrome which befalls all males as the struggle between their prostrate & moral values come to a "head" (fondly referred to as BJ). By this condition, we are sometimes forced by nature to seek some other feline repository of our zinc reproductive deposits. A repository which not only espouses youth at its firmness & smoothness, but also generates respect by saying "sir, ...uuwi na tayo' still" We have had this problem of not being able to say "no" since 5 years after our individual marriages & succeeding ones thereafter. I do remember when you brought us to a a very cozy place called "Times Square" (ex-Makati Ave) where both Villavicencio & I shared one repository similar to the present traffic scheme schedule in MetroManila. It was also fortunate that I bumped into that same repository(4 years later)during a trip to Yokohama which then assured that my workweek there was not to be wasted as I was quickly indoctrinated into the benefits of herbal tea on the libido.

Bong, many of us think of you fondly or not think of you at all. The prosperous ones (King, Martirez, Yupangco, Herrera) have not really ever mentioned your name. The "indebted" ones (aka... US chapter) only slightly remember you except for one Calderon, who managed to say your name "Yong Bambao"? A few young GRO's have responded positively by saying "si papa....???" Based on this survey, the customer focus should be the latter group & many of us who are deprived of such opportunities, would be willing to help you enhance & further cultivate these young virile amazons with their long silky hair, petite breasts, flat tummies, firm inner leg muscles & a penchant for singing "sige pa papa..."

Yambao, you & I have not seen each other for a long time. Mahirap talaga na pareho tayong introverts at mahiyain sa publico. We warmly welcome you to our Forum where you will meet old friends, practice your reading & correct your spelling.

See you next week???

ToastMaster Mendez

Mrs. Teresita de la Fuente Religioso (11/19/97)

Ms de la Fuente:

There are 2 email addresses above & hopefully Terry is the right one. If not "tiririt" is a most unsual name for a grown up female unless that is what Warren fondly refers to himself in his age of 43.

As my other 71 batchmates have no sense of grace as to how to welcome you to our Forum, I then have to do my duty & show you how much we have matured since we last saw you when we were "uhugin" pa. You are the femme fetale of our batch, the one that we always wished we had as an elder sister to teach us chemistry;  the stern figure with the stick who we always wished you had hit us harder(ooohhhh) & most of all the instructor who taught us how to read those funny symbols. Some of us did take those symbols quite seriously & have passed away since they were supposed to study them & not consume them daily.

I am the designated Toastmaster to Batch '71 (no election held on this as we are reliving the years of martial law) ......aka "Popoy/Tiny" to my GH peers; "Luigi" to my ex-girlfriends; "Pak Lou" to my Indonesian officemates; "pogi" to the waiters & "sir" to the drivers. You will remember me as that very simpatiko roll of sebo that never carried your books but always waved goodbye with the petri dish & the test tubes which Warren sold in Carriedo but then gave all the profits to Calderon, who in turn treated us to free meals in Que's Tropical Hut. We fondly remember that JV Tence was one of your better liked students, well he is now in Singapore but not as a domestic helper but as an executive for Motorola. He still drinks that glass of milk which has led to him having more than the desired number of children. Parang manok, mam.

You will recognize some of the names in the above list particularly the ones who were genuises (they are mostly dead or gay) or stupids (all alive). The middle of the road students are never remembered except when they become famous either through failure in politics, selling pianos or prison (we have a jail warden in our batch who initiates riots in order to see halfnaked men kill each other). We have kept the LaSalle spirit alive, whatever that means since many of us still know each other, based on ex-girlfriends & who married whose. We treat other graduating classes with disdain as we are the only class who ever graduated in the morning not evening (bless Bro. Leon for this innovative idea - wonder if we should submit this to Ripleys or Guiness)?. We have even returned one of ours to the assembly line, Bro. Bernie Oca, who is reputed to have no children outside of the campus. Up there you also have Acosta, Salgado, Estrada, Herrera, Crisologo-the same group of students accused as the "Naninilip Gang".

You will also notice that we do not pay much attention to detail. It is a LaSalle training aspect which makes us qualified accountants. This is exemplified through the fact that Warren sent you a ccmail with an attached dirty joke about pets. Shame! You need to make sanay about

Well mam, thats it. I sincerely hope that Joy did not ask you to buy him something to eat as he is reputed to do this regularly in exchange for stories on Batch 71. For free chismis, visit our website at:

ToastMaster Mendez

Ms. de la Fuente responds:

Dearest Guys of 71,

Greetings! I am still very much involved in the academe. I am presently connected with St. Scholastica’s College teaching education and science subjects and at the same time the director of the research and development office. I have two grown-up children : a 23 year old lady, an IME graduate from DLSU now working at 3M and a 20-year old guy still studying at St, Benilde. I am involved in textbook writing, having written several science textbooks for grade school and high school.

I was fortunate to meet Joy at Kamayan. I hope that this is will be the start of our keeping in touch with each other. Reading your names in the list brought memories of LSGH. I left LSGH in 79 and Had a brief stint at DLSU before finally settling at SSC. I still remember your comical faces, fantastic antics and corny jokes. Under my eyes, you are still my boys and never a grown-up and balding(?) daddies.

Toch and I always meet at SSC. He is the official photographer of PAX. If you want to see how I look now request Toch to have a scan of my picture found in his file. Enough for now. Keep me updated of your activities. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Tessie(Tiririt) dela Fuente Religioso

Ricky Estrada (11/15/97)


We have managed to get your email address via the GH'71 Guestbook which we use to capture our old batchmates & also their surreptitious way of saying...sali naman ako sa inyo. Your plea for help was unfortunately buried by one very angry closet homosexual from Toronto who was looking for one very gay supervisor named Isidro "Tex" this man somehwat related to you since he is called Tex & we know your prowess when it comes to growing hair.

Welcome to the Forum, Mr. Estrada. Look up & you will see cc'd to you a number of prestigous fellows (really fed up with saying this shit) who will read this welcome letter & will not be vaguely interested nor concerned in you joining us unless you owe them large amounts of money or you have penetrated their previous loved ones (heaven forbid, if it were their present ones...) These alumnis respect you particularly since they have a photo of you being the then mulatto Jimmy Hendrix of LSGH & coupled with the Dave Clark 5 looks of Ricky Camara. The only one which still bothers us here is why Noni Martinez had his arms around both of you as he wore a paisley shirt, Tetoron bell-bottoms, "iper'd long hair & stating that he was related to both you & Mark Palou? Both you & Camara had cigarettes in your mouth as Noni showed us the peace sign.....what a site. It was like a "inagadadavida wet dream". Your sideburns were definitely the envy of Joy & Nats, the supposed hair on your arms & chest the envy of  a few questionable alumnis of ours who would rather remain nameless.

We have had 2 catches today, you & Mr. Patrick Silva - this is almost like a NARCOM drug bust of the luminaries of the past, si Biboy na lang kulang. Yes if you join us, we still talk about  how good we "were" & how much we should've known then what we know now. Sexually, that would have even made Joe Palting a very popular figure amongst Xavierites. Many a times your name was mentioned both in good & bad light especially by one MannyBoy Reyes who has vowed silence until you join this Forum. We have received reports though that Monty Salgado still has those pair of  1971 petti-pants (panting truvenized) which you asked him to hold as you took them off...... Sharla? With a name like Sharla, I would question her masculinity? Monty still wears them to this day.

On a warm Sunday, we welcome you Ricky & hope you will participate in the chaos which prevails in this group. By the way, you will have to talk to the US Chapter in English since they now have US passports.....yes, even Eddie Agregado.

ToastMaster Mendez (para akong appliance nito....)

Patrick Silva (11/15/97)

Manong Patrick:

Since presumably your wife will be receiving this communique first from the lsgh71 ToastMaster, it is then presumed that we are not allowed to say shit, conio, fuck, cabron, puta, shiyet (Assumption taught), ateneo, asshole & other vernaculars which you solemnly swore would never vanish from your personal dictionary even if those women you were previously dating...(sino iyon Nats, si Mercy at si Percy of Fishers Roxas) were the same ones who taught you & Monty how to say them in a meaningful manner & direct manner. We do presume that even if you have an identity crisis with the world & that you would prefer to hide under a "nom de plume" such as Mrs. Silva (not very original Patrick), that you will be able to reply to the gentlemen above..sino sa kanila ang makakatangap ng unang pahina galing kay Patrik (Javanese spelling mind you). I only ask that you confirm you willing deterioration of personal values with us instead of doing it alone or sharing it with the younger ones...esp. the neighbours teenage daughter.

As ToastMaster of this very sober & distinguished group of alumnis, I would welcome you to the Christian version of the National Reform for Marijuana Laws (NRML - say it 6 times in succession). Before I composed this sordid welcome letter, I asked around & the common theme which I heard was that .."ok siya, tumitira rin iyon...."; our query though was..."namimigay ba?"  The ToastMaster would like to share with your their impressions of such a wholesome person:

"Patrick Silva is a great guy.  He's one of us" .........Nats Crisologo (not much of a referral no?);  let us then continue......

" i was looking for partick silvas' email address anyway...he is an architect, friend and our batchmate..durugista  also , sanlo kid who used to be with ricky estrada, tito aro....architect buddy of alex hontiveros in ust, batangenuo"........... Monty Salgado

This needs CIA analysis since you will note Monty first referred to you as an "architect, then friend" (may papagawa sa iyo si Salgado - the "friend" is to ensure a discount),  "batchmate" may be considered a sign of belonging that you are one of us.....another discount. "durugista" - we all agree that this is an essential part of ones personality during the '71s. Anyone who did not inhale is busy explaining to his wife why it only stands in the morning & not when she wants it Bantay.  "sanlo kid" (class ang taste - per chance do you have a view of the boarding facilities?) & hangs around (names) of imminent personalities in our '71 "window pane" era. Finally "batangueno." ....must lead to another discount. Let us hear from Nani:

"Tiny (at least he had the courtesy of saying my name), I believe Patrick Silva is 203 or 203. He went to UST , College of Architecture. Don't know if he stayed on, though". Last time I gave him a ride from UST, he was staying at San Miguel Village or San Lo"........NANI Ramirez

If you were 203 then my memory really has been damaged by chemicals...willingly though. I was in 203.....did we smoke together? Yep, it seems all our peers confirmed that you had the gift of the hand for lines & creating structures. You also liked to hitch rides going home, pity you missed the Joey Acosta shuttle which went via Roxas Blvd.....

Anyways Patrick or "mrs. Silva", we warmly welcome you to the Forum. See above the missing friends of your life,  we all miss you & Joe Palting. Drop by the '71 home page & chat awhile.. not once did we say the bad words!


Tiny Mendez
ToastMaster '71

Nats Crisologo (11/10/97)

Mr. Nats Crisologo:

Dumaan ka sa aming kumikintab na website & not even a hello to the Forum. I bet you that you did not even know that this clan gathering existed & that the long list of personalities & dignitaries under the cc addresses are the same people who helped you pass high school.

They who assisted you when you accidentally stained your nylon bikini underwear during a bout with diarrhea - sino ang laglaba para sa iyo (si Bugsy daw); who helped you lie to your parents so as to spend an amourous 3-hours (short-time) with....(sino iyon Joy?) under the guise that you were in Mendiola with Jun Lopez.  These are the same fellows who lent you money at 150% interest per day & reconsidered at 148%; the same group who made you a "MAN" at the Fishers Club (Roxas) even if we heard from the mama-san that you "finished" even before the bedroom had been locked; the same peers who accepted you for your height & not only for your personality weaknesses; same batch who encouraged you to graduate HS even if you had to cheat your way through & not become the asst.DJ at Where Else with Lord Shiloh. These were the heros that you took for granted then wished they were there on your wedding night to "rektikano" you on before you "alma matered" quickly.

As I queried our fellow alumnis about you, they only but smile & ask......" ito ba yoong kapatid ni Mike??"  Have you ever really clearly explained your relationship with kuya Mike Crisologo? Did you have an identity crisis? Last time we saw Mike C., was at a niteclub (3 mos ago) in Roxas Blvd. with 2 GRO ladies under his arm, a Ballantine smile on his face & bellowing "Hi Chicks!!!", even to the club's security guard. He was totally feeling pogi, thanks to one Val Garcia.

We welcome you Nats (hanggang ngayon pa ba, ito pangalan mo - do the Americans call you that also? or is it now Renate?) to the halls of this Forum. A small niche in the Internet which allows us to be ourselves beyond the watchful eyes of our daughters. Since its "erection", we have only lost temporarily 2 members: Virgil - who is right now trying to figure out how to connect his computer & coach a PBL team simultaneously and Ces Atienza - who has left the ASEAN & has become a domestic helper in Singapore & will provide a new email address (eg. We have however gained many new recruits who were previously unoticeable in GH & are still are given their silence. In other words, you remain silent at hindi ka ma-uutangan dito. If you are hurt by your friends, kamot the yagbadoodles to take away the pain.

Finally, ganoon pa ba ang sideburns mo? Welcome Home!!!

Cheers on behalf of your comrades,

Tiny Mendez
Toastmaster & Stoner

Greg Sena (11/7/97)

Silent Greg:

If you still remember us than its great & if not, well then its mutual. Welcome to the Forum!!!! We were all wondering when you would join us but then you were probably making "amoy" our overall intentions or wala ka pa alam sa computer at ang secretarya mo ang gumagawa ng lahat.

You are not alone, we have a Mr. Anonymous at the chat site who admits to having the slowest "Wang" machine amongst all of us, he writes........:

" si Joppy Gee yata no? "
"di' chinese iyon,  si Joy pare..."
"no!  its Joey A. nga pala,"
"sinong Joey A.....?"
"Joey Arnaldo!!! , ikaw talaga!"
"sinong Joey Arnaldo?????"
"yoong half-utol ni Busty Warren!"
"Oo nga pala ....kaklase ko yoong kambal niya,"
"sino si Greg???"

So you will note you have been in their minds since we discovered your presence in the LSGH Alumni Registry. After our records search, we noted that you have scored the highest rating in being an Introvert. This meaning that your GH high school days were most valuable to you academically but you just did not involve yourself with the drug ingestion, boso methodology, aggressive sexual encroachment on Assumptionistas, gonorrhea treatments, blind-dating of dates yayas/chaperones with your driver or fellow alumni - which were generally practiced by your peers. We feel for you manong!!!!!!

According to our informers hired by one PFC.Bong Yambao, you disdained such debauched peer practices yet applied them intensely within the confines of your bedroom. It is known that you only count your money when fully naked; that your consumption of Vaseline (gel or hair tonic) doubled during the years 69-71, that recorded moans & groans also included noises of rapid skin stroking, very crips "Good Morning towellettes, that 4 years collection of Carriedo "bedtime stories" were discovered bookbound with camouflage hardcover titles such as " Si Pedro at si Bantay", "Ong's Cookbook & Dictionary". If so, we are then proud of you & happy that you are with us.

We welcome you back to Green Hills, Greg!

"sabi sa iyo si Greg iyon..."
"hindi si Monty Palou ang bumira sa chikababy"
"paano iyon, kasama niya si Moy at si Chito noon."
"buntis ba?"
"paano mabubuntis, marami sila...."

Joey Acosta (11/5/97)

Mga manoy;

A very special friend of mine, Joey Acosta has come out of the closet & just joined our Forum. Tipong nabuyo ito ni Ting Angeles pero sa tingin ko nagpa-proxy siya kay Joey dahil sa typing abilities ni Ting. Joey, I sincerely hope your daughter does not read this; if she does I disclaim any responsibility & you have to do much  in terms of explaining your past.

Si Mr. Acosta is one true peer I will never forget given that he allowed me to hitch a ride home during every night class at Taft for 2 fucking years. He was then driving a Dodge Colt with plush upholstery seat cover & nag-aamoy ng sampaguita (wala lang sabit - makalat daw). It was the epitomy of our generation, 1400cc engine, naka-Bravura para mabilis ang tunog, headers Sta. Ana & twin carb daw.  His car did not also have the normal Drivers Prayer sticker on the dashboard unlike Roland Beredo's.

Our discussions during this tranport phase bordered from chikababy (coeds & alike) to politics (ibagsak si Marcos, huwag lang ang Where Else?). During one frustrating afternoon when our personal futures were endangered, si Joey at ako ay pumasok sa Australian Embassy to apply for immigration (not mail order brides). Talagang determined kaming umalis ng bayan sa galit sa Malacanang. As fate would have it, buti pa Japayuki may chance to go to Australia than 2 LaSallites applying at 2:00 in the afternoon. As one Joy Warren said, "PAL na lang tayo - may biyahe pa!!!!!!" With futures dismal & endangered, we both agreed; "..sige Joey, kanya-kanya na lang tayo" true batch71 fashion.

Welcome Mr. Acosta. Ano na ba ang pub mo since the International was closed? Give us a rundown, better yet introduce us to any GRO which you may have available to show us around....around her. Dito sa amin libre ang sali, si Arao lang ang may singil. You will find above a list of members, some have provided only an email address...malay mo Narcom iyon, no feedback yet. Puede rin patay na sila but just keeping in touch.

Bahala ka na manong at sumingit na lang parang Kalentong.


Boji Sison (11/4/97)

Mr. Bonifacio Sison aka Boji, aka "mayaman na ba tayo?";

Fucking ala eh; welcome to the Forum.  Sabi ng mga manong natin that it was about time that you learned how to practice the Dedicatoria Olympia skills taught to us in GH. As you will see the forum is composed of prestigous individuals; immigrants, illegal immigrants, CEO's, coaches & GRO consultants who have decided to receive each other emails in pursuit of not only communicating with the past but also using as alibis to see mistresses. Famous GH personalities are in the list such as Bro. Bernie, Bernie Oca, Oca, Bernie & Vinod (nasaan nga ba si Hirinandani?). Other names are real & are not fiction, try their email address...kung bumalik, hindi nanaman nagbayad ng service fees or colorum. Dr. Bocobo is famous for this even if his net value is higher than his baon in GH.

This Forum does not compete with the Quartus foundation or the DLSAA. The best thing about this Forum is hindi naniningil (wala kaming Susan) kundi utangan pa nga nang mga membro.  So far it has only succeeded in establishing a Website "mastered" by the one & only Gene "hithit muna tayo" Arao at

Maryoon rin tayong chat chismis in 2 Channels (Chat Touring & mIRC). Typical ng batch natin, dadaanin sa high-tech pero naghahanapan sa gulo - magaling dito si Monching Lopez, mahilig humanap at kung saan-saan uma-abot. You may want to sponsor Gene's  work of love which involves money;  puede rin bigas o gulay pero mahal daw ang warehouse ni Busty. He will accept pledges parang si Sluggo na Panatang Makabayan (tayo tayong lahat) or puede rin in-kind sa MNL kung ilalabas mo siya para makakilala ng GRO this coming X-Mas. We have a "directory" in the website which in 10 years will be more of an "obituary reference of the famous & the addicted" if all of us continue with this lifestyle.

If you are at this stageof life very religious because of some previous pitfall; no problemas - we are also trying to tackle our own demons > so this is the place where you can forget every personal problem or depression at insultuhin si Freddie Herrera just like the good old days. Not all publicly reply, some introverts will communicate with you directly or never reply which we consider as their tacit approval of the issue discussed or overall ignorance of Taglish.

I can continue pero MannyBoy might complain since he gets headaches after 2 paragraphs. So bahala ka na.......

>>---Derecho LaSalle---> (sabi ni Monty)


Robert Yupangco (10/8/97)


If you are surprised as to how 20% of your batchmates are included in this email, well don't since matagal ka na hinahanap ng Forum71. Salamat at natuto ka na rin ng computer. If you are surprised as to how  we got your email, I used family resources....

We would like to welcome you to this group of exectives who have decided to meet, congregate & provide moral upliftment in view of their sins & crimes of the past. This collection of individuals have reputations which are revered by the DEA, INS & the ADMAA + are always on the invitees lists. You may wonder how this all started?  Huwag na, bastat sumali ka nalang.....mapaphaba ba ito.

This group has no "feeling executive & managerial" syndromes even if they have such titles as CEO, President, Managing Director or GRO.  This does not exist since we all saw each other naked after PE classes with Valdez, as we mixed our sandwich baons with our sweaty jock supporters. Sabi ni Freddie H, kanin pa daw ang ulam mo???  Although many have admitted they are under debt or have mortgaged their families(plural) kayat feeling poor lahat kami so this is our destresser or entertainment center.

Our batch has our own website at: where you will see your name amongst the living & the dead. It provides information as to what you are doing now or what you have been doing & why they are either dead or under rehab.  Pero daig pa rin tayo ng Ateneo HS71 since masmarami raw patay sa kanilang batch. Since you have not joined this forum yet, medyo "prestigious" ang pasok ng chismis pa sa totoo lang nag-iintay ng bintana si......(sino ba malapit sa iyon noong GH). You may also want to sponsor the website once you see it; Arao is the webmaster.

Welcome Don Robert, this is the place to chill out at maningil ng utang since high school.....

>>---Animo LaSalle--->


Rickie Camara (10/8/97)


Just a very small para to welcome a new arrival, Mr. Rickie Camara. We have been warned not to say to much to him since he may be able to get into our heads & discover a few Freudian things in there....many in there.

Mr. Camara, you are most welcome to join this most august group of lsgh71 alumnis. As you see from the directory, we have more people without email addresses than those with. However we have news on them thus you should know that we have discussed you & your GH habits during an earlier forum where we discovered you had a fetish for Glenmore Dave Clark 5 boots & what you used to use the side garter for........ Our informers tell us that you preferred Kiwi to Vaseline?

Welcome & whats up in Hawaii. If you do not remember me, so what...half of us do not remember each others faces but we do remember the namepatch.


Vidal Lim (9/23/97)


"Sasoon" to see you again.......sorry just could not resist that!

Monty has drafted you into the Forum & as said you are most welcome as long as you participate & compete with the likes of Jorge Garcia, Jorge & Garcia. He is now on an official trip to MNL & intends to return to the Forum bearing chismis about other classmates he will call there & will eventually refuse to see him because ....... This Forum is not to talk behind his back since eventually he will get a copy of all things said about him; but basically its to say things while he has no opportunity to respond. We do love him since he is consistent.......

The same will apply to you. If you do not participate in this forum, we shall then be forced to discuss your previous morals, your behaviour in GH & those little cigarette boys outside of the fence that you used to buy Marlboros from...& what was so good about "singkong Juicy ...boss"?

Subjects vary but remain consistent to the theme that they do not make any sense unless endorsed by all who have responded. Joy Warren (hollowed be his name) will only comment when he gets his computer re-established after it crashed 5 mos of now he is responding to us in phrases sent from a CyberCafe in Remedios. You are allowed to introduce your own subject matters such as hot rendezvous with mistresses & how one can lie; illegal lust for younger sister-in-laws or 19 year old nurses who give spongebaths, illegal narcotics (nothing legal in this is there) or your most memorable moment when you were doing the Butterfly & a sudden release of air from your rear propulsed you to victory - ANIMO LA SALLE!!!. In the end you can talk about Freddie Herrera or Jorge Garcia.

The motto of the forum is: "Try everything once except for incest & folkdancing!!!!" Recruit more of our alumni & yes, please do try to get some advanced upgraded hardware & software/browsers....we do have a Homepage paid for by Gene Arao......

Seriously, welcome & bust in (parang Narcom) anytime.......

Tiny Mendez

Busty Calderon, Gene Arao & Jojo Lahoz (9/1/97)


Harrison said that "all good things must pass", well I'm back here in JKT after a 1.5 month stint in the US which included both official & personal (business).

While in the US, had the opportunity na makikain kila Busty Calderon. Mga pare ko, he feeds people well & I suggest that you visit him whenever you guys visit Pomona. As additions, he invited Jojo Lahoz & Gene Arao of which I have added their email addresses to this list. Kayat mga anak, add them to your address book. Gene Arao is interested in corresponding with friends who are willing to loan him large amounts of money & with no intentions of receiving payback. Busty received a brand new modem from Jojo Lahoz as a gift (iba magregalo ito....) however Busty is now waiting for Gene to connect it & provide him tutorial services. Reminds you of Chito Cusi during his early days does it not? Ngayon mayabang na si Chito........Busty will soon be online thus you will have the benefit of speaking to another classmate besides Freddie Herrera.

I also had a chance to speak to Butch de lasAlas via phone but unfortunately no time to visit. Next time Butch......? Ok guys will sign off...pagod ako.


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